Elowen Arlene - A Birth Story

Oh boy. Here we go. Recognize that face? If you don't, you must be new here. This is my work-wife, and one of my very best friends, Lindsey Arlene Gomes. Her due date was technically this coming Sunday, but last Friday, she officially joined me in the "I just pushed a baby out of my body with no drugs" club. And I could not be more proud, inspired, in awe, or emotional about the whole freakin thing.

Obviously, birth stories are just that -- a story, with lots of gory details. And so I will leave most of the verbal storytelling to Lindsey whenever she is ready to sit down and put it on paper. As for me, I will say this:

I arrived to the hospital at 3:57am on Friday, September 15th.
Over a period of 8 hours, I witnessed a woman whom I am connected to on a soul-level experience the worst pain in her life and the most magical moment of her existence. Lindsey and I have SO many things in common: we share a business, a creative view on the world, a sense of humor, a love for rose wine and charcuterie plates, even
an astrological sign -- but NOW, not only to we get to share motherhood, but motherhood to a daughter. And I could not be more grateful.

>> don't miss their pregnancy photos either <<

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Ivan & Manny - Cambria Engagement Photos

I can tell how a couple is going to handle a lifetime together by the role laughter plays in their relationship.
And if my calculations are correct -- Ivan & Manny are going to be juuuuuuuuuuust fine.

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Manny - Yoga Teacher

There is nothing like meeting someone for the first time, but feeling like you've known them for years.
Manny has an incredible golden energy that I connected to instantaneously.
Conversation with her was effortless, and her passion for wellness is contagious.
And time with her inspired me in more ways that she could possibly know.

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Daniel & Megan - Monarch Dunes Engagement Photos

"Before you leave, pease know this:
I'd rather be the girl
whose name dies at your lips
every time you try to speak of me,
than a girl you tell stories about at parties.

What I'm saying is this, darling.

I'd rather be your absinthe,
than your cup of tea."

- Nikita Gill

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Rick & Kelly - Planet Bluegrass Wedding - Boulder, CO

Top 3 Reasons I love Rick & Kelly:
#1 - they flew me all the way to Colorado just to document their wedding day. I mean, WHAT.
#2 - their love is so palpable, it makes my camera overheat (or maybe that was the 95 degree weather. either way.)
#3 - they got in a river for me. A RIVER.

{check out Rick & Kelly’s mountainous engagement session HERE}

Venue: Planet Bluegrass | Coordinator: Brittany Pritchard, Events 306 | Florals: A Florae | Catering: Three Tomatoes | Video: Tanner Dunn

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