Yosemite Adventures with Nanna

There is nothing in this world that I value more than my loved ones. I have been blessed with the most encouraging, supportive, fun family. I treasure every moment I get with them, but this 3 day adventure will forever be one of my all time most-cherished memories. I got to run away to Yosemite with my parents and my 81 year old Nanna -- 3 of my all time favorite people on the planet, some of my best friends really.

It blows my mind that this place is just a 3 hour drive from my doorstep. This place, that people travel from all corners of the world to see, is practically my backyard.

"Blessed" hardly begins to cover it...



AWWWW Deb....what a beautiful response you have made. You're so good with words. What a treat to hear from you, and to know you got to sneak in on our vacation with us through Sarah's photographic journal. Thank you for speaking up! Love, cathi

Debbie Latka:

I love this! I love your parents and haven't seen your Nanna since there wedding. This was like two million percent better than seeing pictures of old friends on FB. I enjoyed your vacation as much as you did, without actually being there. Well done, say I to your folks. Miss them and love them!