Sean & Stephanie {Montana De Oro, CA}

When I asked Sean & Stephanie what they were looking forward to most about being parents, they said, "We just can't wait to meet her, and see what she looks like."

Instantly, I was transported back to being 9 months pregnant feeling those same feels (minus the morning sickness, thank GOD) -- spending every waking thought wondering what kind of human being my daughter would be, and being so restless because I just couldn't wait to have her out of my body and into my arms.

I see pregnancy in an entirely different light now, and documenting this insane part of a couple's love story is even more powerful to me than ever before.

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Daniel & Stephanie {San Luis Obispo, CA}

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Jake & Arianna {Nipomo, CA}

I met Jake & Arianna for the first time just a few weeks ago, when we met up for their engagement session.
Since that day, I have gathered the following facts and inspirations from this pair....

#1 - their love for their Creator is their driving force, and it will stir in you something you have never felt before
#2 - their love story should be translated into a romantic comedy -- STAT.
#3 - their chemistry is otherworldly, and I thought my camera was going to catch fire from the sparks flying everywhere
#4 - any bride that allows my baby to stare in awe at her bouquet and pick flowers right out of it is A-OK in my book
#5 - Jake's expression when he saw Arianna for the first time, walking down that aisle, had me in stitches -- never before have I seen a man go into shock and not be able to move a muscle (not even in his face).
#6 - I hope we get to stay friends forever and ever, amen.

| Venue: The Kaleidoscope Inn | Makeup: Jenn Hix | Hair: Shantee Bishop |
| Florals: Blissful Blossoms | Catering: Old San Luis BBQ | Video: Cameron MacTavish |

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Erik & Shermin {Atascadero, CA}

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Ryan & Kate {Big Sur, CA}

This was my first time meeting Ryan & Kate. Needless to say, they are my kind of people.
Anyone who laughs this much together is a-ok in my book. Not to mention a BLAST to photograph.

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