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Manny - Yoga Teacher

There is nothing like meeting someone for the first time, but feeling like you've known them for years.
Manny has an incredible golden energy that I connected to instantaneously.
Conversation with her was effortless, and her passion for wellness is contagious.
And time with her inspired me in more ways that she could possibly know.

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Irina {Cambria, CA}

Irina is one of those human beings inspires you to live your life with everything you've got.

She believes in wellness,
loves her family more than anything on this earth,
& gives off a joyful light that defeats any dark force that threatens her bliss.

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"Feel good. Be good. Do good."

Meet Lauren. She is a pursuer of all things good for the soul. She is a massage therapist, yoga teacher, jeweler & dreamcatcher maker. She's got a wild heart, a free spirit, and a beautiful soul. She believes in kindness, encourages wellness, and lives her own truth. Every day.

I am so inspired by her. And I have no doubt in my mind that you will be too.

>> check out her website here <<

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