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Project Heartbeat (entry #1)

Quite some time ago, a fellow photographer that I look up to challenged me to ask myself a question -- Why? Why am I a photographer? Why do I do this, love this? -- and to write down my answer. Needless to say, I set that challenge on the back burner. But better late than never, right? 

This evening, I was on my way home from a photo session on the beach. It was about 15 minutes to sunset, and this inner-monologue was going through my head: 
Care-free/La-De-Da Me: "Why aren't you staying to watch the sunset?"
Rushing/Busy Me: "Because I have to get home and upload these photos."
Care-free Me: "But you ADORE the beach. You LOVE sunsets. Pull this car over. Now."
So I did. 
As I stood with my pants rolled up, toes sunk in the sand beneath the water, I beheld something beautiful. Something I haven't taken the time to watch in a while. Something I used to consider (one of) God's personal love letters to me. The sunset. And my heart stood still. 

^ That ^ inspired this: 
Why am I a photographer?
Because I am, and forever want to be, inspired by everything.
Because I long to see the beauty in everything.
Because I have the ability to behold those things that inspire me, capture them, and keep them forever
Because I have the super-power to make time stand still with the open&close; of a shutter. 
Because life is short. fleeting. fading away.... and I don't want to miss a single moment of it.
Because it is what I was created to do. to be

And ^that^ inspired this: 
Project Heartbeat
I vow to stop whenever an opportunity for my heart to stand still arises. 
to never be too busy to feel inspired.
to capture that moment.
to share it with you :)

This is the first of many posts to come.

"You are beautiful, my sweet, sweet song.
You are beautiful, my sweet, sweet song. 
I will sing again."
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Fashionista Gas Masks

My friends and I like to play dress up. 
With gas masks. 
.... So this happened. 

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my new addiction

I have a new addiction. Apparently it's a popular addiction? But it's new to me.

Recently I've been struggling with challenging myself to be inspired. I've gotten used to the daily grind, and submit to it's boring-ness every day. I've been craving something GOOD. something MORE. something INSPIRING. 

I've finally found somewhere to collect and store my trinkets of inspiration. 
This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship and (what I deem to be) a healthy addition.

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2010 Adventure!

Josiah and I extended our 2 hour layover in Auckland to a 4 day layover in Wellington :)
So we got to stay with my friend Travis (who I haven't seen since my YWAM DTS in Northern Ireland 4 years ago), and go cafe hopping with his friends. I love Wellington, and would go back in a heartbeat.

Josiah's sister and her family (husband and 3 adorable boys) live in Corrimal, Australia. So we decided that it was high time to go visit :)

We got to visit the Blue Mountains:

Take the train to Sydney:

Go on on Sydney Harbor Cruise:

Visit the Symbio Wildlife Park:

And see some magnificent views :

[most all these photographs are available for purchase, signed limited prints. inquire further for details :)]
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If you know anything about me, it is that I have had a vampire-obsession since the ripe old age of 16. Another little factoid about me is that one of the things I love most is playing dress-up. I've found that it is crucial to my life and career to continue taking crazy dramatic and fun photos just for the heck of it. Soooooooo.... that's just what these are!!! And instead of using a self-timer and tripod this year, my husband volunteered (got drafted...?) to play photographer (a job he does quite well, if I do say so). So these are the work of the great Josiah Leader.... edited by yours truly :) 

Happy Halloween!

And I shot these ones.....

My darling Emily shot these ones of me... yes, I am in fact on the OTHER side of a camera. 

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