Creatures : Siren

Siren : a beautiful, yet dangerous creature who lures nearby sailors with her enchanting voice to shipwreck on the rocky coast of her island.

Creatures . PART TWO

>> Siren <<

{hair & makeup: Rhyan Townsend | mermaid fin: FinFun}

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BJ & Sam {San Luis Obispo, CA}

there is nothing quite like the first wedding of the year.
all I can say is, if the rest of the year is anything like this beautiful beginning, I think I will be quite the happy camper.
I'm completely smitten with these two and their fur-child, Louie.

Tiber Canyon Ranch | Festive Designs | AMS Entertainment |
Taste Catering

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Lady K

because life is too short NOT to do a boudoir session.

every girl deserves to get done up, wear flowers in her hair, and have her fleeting youth documented.

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Mike & Allie

these two have an electric love-energy that would put Nikola Tesla to SHAME.

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Brody & Sherry

the world needs more blanket forts and living room picnics.
am i right? or am i right?

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