Dan + Laura [Cambria, CA]

it should be illegal for two people THIS beautiful to be together. 
.... however, then this wedding wouldn't have happened, these photos wouldn't exist, and the would would be a darker place. soooo it's a good thing there is no such law :)

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Ben + Kristin

cute-as-a-button OVERLOAD.

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Say hello to one of the most gorgeous students of Atascadero High School's Class of 2012!!! 
I had such a blast roaming the hills of SLO and fending off traveling homeless men with this pretty lady. 
Not to mention, I want her wardrobe... especially her shoes :)

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Baby Max

I can't believe it was less than 2 months ago that I was taking photos of this little guy when he was still snuggled away inside Mommy's womb (which you can see here).
Kyle and Emily invited me into their home to capture these precious beginning moments of their new life with Max. Despite the fact that Max didn't really prefer being left alone on a blanket to have his photo taken, we were able to capture some very real and beautiful moments :)

Then we headed over to Emily's grandmother's house to snap some photos of the whole family. 
This beautiful woman started a beautiful family, and now she has a brand new great-grandson. 
Isn't the thing called FAMILY beautiful??

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Aaron + Lorraine [Studio City, CA]

1 beautiful wedding party
1 massive, supportive family
1 pair of head-over-heels Cal Poly lovebirds
Aaron & Lorraine's wedding day :)

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