Fashionista Gas Masks

My friends and I like to play dress up. 
With gas masks. 
.... So this happened. 

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my new addiction

I have a new addiction. Apparently it's a popular addiction? But it's new to me.

Recently I've been struggling with challenging myself to be inspired. I've gotten used to the daily grind, and submit to it's boring-ness every day. I've been craving something GOOD. something MORE. something INSPIRING. 

I've finally found somewhere to collect and store my trinkets of inspiration. 
This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship and (what I deem to be) a healthy addition.

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Steven + Melissa [Santa Margarita, CA]

Melissa is a vision of beauty. 
... And Steven didn't look half bad himself. 
Together, they rule the world with a stunningly gorgeous LOVE.

The vendors I had the honor of working this wedding with:
Hair & Makeup: The Queen's Bees
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Matt + Ashley [Somis, CA]

prepare yourself to be hit by the awesome train that is Matt & Ashley's wedding. 


(click HERE to see their engagement photos)

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Meet my little kid brother. The youngest of the 3 Fagan kids. 
He's graduating high school. (AGH!)
He's also a little peculiar (it's in the blood). 
This is his own original vision for his senior photo.....
"fishin' in a field of dreams"

He's probably the coolest senior at the whole high school. 

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