Here Comes My Godson

Ok. Part 2.

I first met this beautiful lady at a mutual friend's wedding. I was the photographer and she was assisting the coordinator. Little did I know, she had been watching me work through the whole wedding. Come the end of the wedding, she asked me for my card. I thought she was just getting it for her boss.... I had no idea she was planning her own wedding and found my ninja-like work ethic very appealing. Long story short - I ended up shooting her wedding in May of 2009.

How could I have known that that would only be the beginning of one of the best friendships the world has ever seen. She and I instantly hit it off, and after numerous "Wine Wednesdays" it is safe to say that we will be friends till the end of time. Yeah, ok... her moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico has forced our lovely relationship into one of Long Distance.... but it's all worth it. Anyyyyyyways, she is now 38 weeks pregnant, and will be popping a baby out into the world any day now. I got to visit just in time to capture this precious time in their lives.

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My Best Friend is Pregnant

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2010 Adventure!

Josiah and I extended our 2 hour layover in Auckland to a 4 day layover in Wellington :)
So we got to stay with my friend Travis (who I haven't seen since my YWAM DTS in Northern Ireland 4 years ago), and go cafe hopping with his friends. I love Wellington, and would go back in a heartbeat.

Josiah's sister and her family (husband and 3 adorable boys) live in Corrimal, Australia. So we decided that it was high time to go visit :)

We got to visit the Blue Mountains:

Take the train to Sydney:

Go on on Sydney Harbor Cruise:

Visit the Symbio Wildlife Park:

And see some magnificent views :

[most all these photographs are available for purchase, signed limited prints. inquire further for details :)]
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I've had a number of brides inquire about boudoir photography in the past couple years, and this lovely lady was the first to actually do it! However, you can't see her face because it's a surprise for her beau :) 

For anyone who might be interested, boudoir photography (to me) is one of the classiest and heartfelt gifts to give to the man you plan to spend the rest of your life with. Photos like these are timeless, and are the purest form of class and femininity. These are the photos you can show your grandchildren when you're old and wrinkly, and they can say things like "Darn! Look how gorgeous grammy is!" 

Enjoy :)

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Featured Wedding - Every Last Detail Blog

This is blog number TWO that wanted to feature Michael & Amy's wedding!!!
What an honor :)

Check it OUT!

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