Featured Wedding - Every Last Detail

Happy Monday! 
What better way to start a new week than with a lovely blog feature on Every Last Detail...!?
I just adore this blog, and it's always an honor to have my photographs grace their beautiful pages. 

Click HERE to see the feature. 
Click HERE to to Garrett and Allison's engagement photos. 
Click HERE to see Garrett and Allison's wedding photos. 

P.S. Be sure to leave a comment on the feature, because the more comments there are the more it will show up in google searches and such :) 
Thanks for the love!

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Nicole & Riley Jai & Lyla Wing

Say hello to the coolest of all cats -- Nicole and her two kids, Lyla Wing and Riley Jai. 
Nicole has been a friend of mine since the 4th wedding I ever shot, where she was the florist... which is just one of her many hats. She also has mad photographer and hair&makeup; skills. She is one of the most beautiful and passionate souls I've had the pleasure of encountering. So when she told me about her "Dr. Seuss-like" vision for her family photos, I was pretty darn stoked. 
I'll let the photographs speak for themselves...

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Jason + Danielle

Jason and Danielle are having a babyyyyyyyyyy!
A baby girl, to be precise. A baby girl named Gianna, to be precise-er. 
So we got to roam all over the Tanaka Farms pumpkin patch in Irvine for this shoot... and despite the warm temperatures, we had a grand ol' time :)

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Adrian + Nicole

Say hello to Adrian and Nicole's upcoming Christmas card.
They have the sweetest (and somewhat slobbery) little family made up of the two of them along with Jericho (the lab), Tarka (the darling white-faced retriever), and Maddy (the other darling retriever). 

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Howard + Candace

Howard and Candace are the epitome of "opposites attract". 
It's so fun seeing how two AMAZING personalities come together to create something even AMAZING-ER. (yup, it's a word. look it up.... or maybe don't). 

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