Lady M - San Luis Obispo Boudoir

Celebrate the skin you're in, and the soul it houses.

{Hair & Makeup by Courtney Rossi Artistry}

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Lovely Lady K


| Hair & Makeup: Amanda Olson | Flower Crown: Festive Designs |

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Lady K

because life is too short NOT to do a boudoir session.

every girl deserves to get done up, wear flowers in her hair, and have her fleeting youth documented.

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Lady S

the female - body, soul, and spirit - holds an out-of-this-world level of beauty.
photographing that beauty takes me to a whole other place, both creatively and emotionally.

at the beginning of the session, a woman stands in front of my camera, exposed & nervous.
by the end of the session, that same woman has transformed into a proud & empowered being.
it is a most magical process to document......

{Hair & Makeup by Rhyan Townsend}

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