Soul Being : M. Christine

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."
{Mary Angelou}

Meet my friend Mary. She is one of my all time favorite dreamers.
Something about time spent with Mary gives my heart wings and makes my imagination feel all warm and fuzzy.
Book one of her upcoming trilogy hits shelves in August. I'll be first in line to get my hands on a signed copy.

{Soul Being}
Part 3
// M. Christine Weber //

When/why did you first start writing?
"Six years ago I went through this season of pausing. Like, I sort of just internally sat down and stared out the window for a few months... at the autumn leaves, at the sky, at the roads leading home, at my kids. There was this feeling of being lost that I couldn’t appease. I remember telling my husband, “I know who I am as a mom, a wife, worker, friend . . . but I can’t seem to find me anymore. The girl in my soul.” During that time I began to write as a way to find her and to explore her view of life and enjoy the beauty she sees in the souls of others. And then, I just never stopped."

What inspires you?
"People. Especially the teens I work with. Life. It’s heartbursts and heartbreaks. Books. Beautiful prose. Nature. Being home in the country quiet or sharing an evening with friends. My children’s belly laughter. My husband’s goodness. Injustice. Jesus. So much music. Oh . . . and Pinterest."

What do you love most about your art form?
"Oh man, I think I’m just completely in love with Story. I believe we’re created for adventure, that our lives are an adventure, whether we spend them in one town or travelling the world. There’s so incredibly much to who we are and who we can impact in our collection of moments. I see books, especially fiction, as one way to share in the adventure together, to exhilarate, to ache, to know that despite the different locations or cultural settings or character quirks, the underlying fears and grief and hopes are similar. We’re on this journey together."

How does writing affect your day to day life?
"*laughs* Aside from the early morning puffy eyes? It keeps me sane. But also, it makes me a little insane. I’m (embarrassingly) probably the slowest writer I know and between working another job and having a family, it can be hard. We keep our schedules simple and try to stay focused on living life’s story more than writing about it. My husband and kids are especially good at that."

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