Soul Being : Josh Cody

Just over a year ago, I started this fun project -- surrounding myself with beautiful people who make beautiful art.
Now, this fine fellow isn't just a random musician I found on the street and asked to photograph for my series. No. This is one of my dearest friends, Josh Cody. He came into Josiah's and my life at the perfect time, and even though we haven't been friends since the dawn of time, it sure feels like it. He's the type of person that puts a smile on your face just by the way he says "hello," the type of person that you want around ALL the time. He has a fervor for life and art that is contagious. And I am just so damn grateful to know him and count him as one of my friends. I look forward to a lifetime of misadventure, late night glasses of wine, and Lord of the Rings conversation with this fine gentleman.

{Soul Being}
Part 4
// Joshua Allen Cody //

How long have you been playing music? And what instruments do you play?
"If we count me putting on bicycle gloves and beating on a small hand drum my father got from India: 17 years. My first real instrumental pursuit was an African hand drum called a Djembe when I was 12 years old. My father began to teach me guitar when I was 13. He told me “Son, all you need is three chords and the truth.” He showed me basic chords and I stumbled through the rest over the years just experimenting with different chord shapes and sounds. Already having developed a love for percussion I easily fell for rhythm guitar. I’ve always just told people I play drums on my guitar. Eventually my father again encouraged me to join choir and I began to sing. Singing was/is my most difficult instrument to hone… But nothing compares to singing as loud as you can while banging on a guitar. You just hope at some point others can enjoy it too. I’ve found one of my greatest joys is learning new instruments. Since I started, I’ve gone on to learn the basics on accordion, piano, other percussion, ukulele, bass, mandolin, whistling, harmonica and just other odd end noise makers.

What are some of your biggest musical influences?
"U2, Coldplay and Counting Crows got my wheels turning and sent me in a musical direction at a young age. Since then, bands such as Sigur Ros, The Arcade Fire, Damien Rice, Sea Wolf and Andrew Bird have continually blown my mind, helping me think outside my own box and strive for originality."

What inspires you most?
"I am in love with the outdoors. Mountains, trees, rain, water ways and the color green have always sent me to my favorite creative/imaginative places. I’ve found the happiest, sweet places in those settings and peace in my most melancholy of times. I think I just get emotionally heightened in nature. Over the years I began composing music for film, I love pairing the audible with the visual. I started my own company as JoCo (Josh Cody squished together, given to me from a sweet friend Josh Mock aka JoMo) and now work with a licensing company out of Portland Oregon."

What do you love most about music?
"I love that music can bring us peace and comfort, meeting us in the darkest of hours or in the happiest of times. Being able to channel all the wild things we feel in this world, into a creative medium has been and continues to be something I’m so very thankful for. Whether it is in personal expression or being enveloped in another’s."

How does music effect your day to day life?
"From when I wake up till I turn in, music is always there to meet me -- however I’m feeling. It also keeps my crazy ass brain focused to learn or create something new. Music is a lovely, beautiful thing and I’m so grateful for its daily reprieve in this life."

| JoCo Facebook | iTunes | Artist Profile | History of Painters Facebook |

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Soul Being : M. Christine

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."
{Mary Angelou}

Meet my friend Mary. She is one of my all time favorite dreamers.
Something about time spent with Mary gives my heart wings and makes my imagination feel all warm and fuzzy.
Book one of her upcoming trilogy hits shelves in August. I'll be first in line to get my hands on a signed copy.

{Soul Being}
Part 3
// M. Christine Weber //

When/why did you first start writing?
"Six years ago I went through this season of pausing. Like, I sort of just internally sat down and stared out the window for a few months... at the autumn leaves, at the sky, at the roads leading home, at my kids. There was this feeling of being lost that I couldn’t appease. I remember telling my husband, “I know who I am as a mom, a wife, worker, friend . . . but I can’t seem to find me anymore. The girl in my soul.” During that time I began to write as a way to find her and to explore her view of life and enjoy the beauty she sees in the souls of others. And then, I just never stopped."

What inspires you?
"People. Especially the teens I work with. Life. It’s heartbursts and heartbreaks. Books. Beautiful prose. Nature. Being home in the country quiet or sharing an evening with friends. My children’s belly laughter. My husband’s goodness. Injustice. Jesus. So much music. Oh . . . and Pinterest."

What do you love most about your art form?
"Oh man, I think I’m just completely in love with Story. I believe we’re created for adventure, that our lives are an adventure, whether we spend them in one town or travelling the world. There’s so incredibly much to who we are and who we can impact in our collection of moments. I see books, especially fiction, as one way to share in the adventure together, to exhilarate, to ache, to know that despite the different locations or cultural settings or character quirks, the underlying fears and grief and hopes are similar. We’re on this journey together."

How does writing affect your day to day life?
"*laughs* Aside from the early morning puffy eyes? It keeps me sane. But also, it makes me a little insane. I’m (embarrassingly) probably the slowest writer I know and between working another job and having a family, it can be hard. We keep our schedules simple and try to stay focused on living life’s story more than writing about it. My husband and kids are especially good at that."

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Soul Being : Hallie Elizabeth

Earlier this year, I began a new creative endeavor.
I wanted to spend time with and capture pieces of fellow artists.
I want to surround myself with people who inspire me, people who create their art in a different way than I do.

{Soul Being}
Part 2
Hallie Elizabeth //

When did you first start sketching?
"I've always been a sketcher and a painter. Anything I could get my hands on (including walls, tables, or my own body), I would draw on. My nickname as a child was 'paper trail', because I always left a mess of paper everywhere I went. It helped that my mama encouraged me every chance she got. I remember that she wallpapered one room of our tiny apartment with all my drawings."

What inspires you most?
"An inky blue night sky, scattered with millions of brilliant and milky stars. I find inspiration in the sea. I find inspiration in my femininity, my culture, and within the collection of all of my experiences and emotions, both joyful and heartbreaking."

What do you love most about what you do?
"That art is sincerely my therapy. It helps me process just about everything. Art frees me from anything that tries to hold me down. It just makes me happy."

How does what you do effect your day to day life?
"If I didn't work on art everyday, I would likely go crazy.
Every day, art opens my mind and my soul to millions of hidden facets in this world that I would probably never see or explore otherwise."

... You can see more from Hallie by ...
- "like"ing her on facebook
- following her on instagram
- visiting her website
browsing her etsy shop

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Soul Being : Becca Lynn

As an artist, I am inspired by countless things. The earth, the stars & everything that falls in between. I want to live and breathe inspiration. I want to meet other inspired souls. I want to learn what makes other artists' hearts beat fast. I want to see it happen. And I want to capture it.

So.... allow me to introduce you to my newest project. I want to take an artist, put them in a place where they feel alive, play music that makes their heart strings sing, and see what happens. No fuss. No muss. No costumes. Just a soul in it's rawest form.

{Soul Being} ~ Part 1 ~ //Becca Lynn//

Meet Becca: She is 17 years old. She started dancing when she was 3 years old. She can dance her way through ballet to hip hop like a boss. Her favorite song to dance to is "Forever and Always" by Taylor Swift (which means I instantly love her). And she is stunning.

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