Mikey & Fiona - Los Olivos, CA

As a wedding photographer, it has been one of my worst fears that I would unexpectedly get pregnant and have to cancel a wedding. I don't take it lightly when a couple chooses me as their wedding photographer -- I consider it an INCREDIBLE honor. There are over 100 wedding photographers in my local industry alone, and I know it is not an easy decision. So you can imagine my dismay when I was told I was due to have a baby 3 weeks before Mikey & Fiona's wedding. Now, most couples would be excited for you and your bun in the oven and carry on with their wedding plans. But not these two. The email response I received in turn, blew me away. And I quote, "Here’s an idea, and let us know what you think. We are so in love with you as a human being and with your work…and we are having trouble imagining our day being captured by anyone else. If we were to push the wedding back, would you be going back to work by then?"

Mikey and Fiona CHANGED THEIR WEDDING DATE just so they could keep me as their photographer.

I could go on and on about the beautiful energy these two put out. They are kind (they let my mom and Phoenix totally crash their wedding), beautiful souls. And I hope we get to stay friends FOREVER.

| Venue: Friends of the Family's Property | Floral Design: Terra Bella Event Florals | Catering: Haute Skillet Food Truck |

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Asher & Caitie {Santa Ynez, CA}

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Mike & Allie {Santa Ynez, CA}

If you're lucky, you might cross paths with people who's hearts and souls beat to the same drum as yours. And it's some kind of magic.
I call these people "Kindred Spirits."

These two right here? They are the kindredest of spirits. Not just to one another, but to me as well. I can't explain it, but I knew from the moment we first talked on the phone (maybe even from the first email exchange) that this couple was different. Could it be because they see the world through an artist's lens like me? Could it be because we share an love for all things Pixar and Hot Air Balloons? Maybe. Whatever the reason, I am beyond blessed to have met them and had the chance to document this beautiful piece of their love story.

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