Clay & Lindsey {Santa Ynez, CA}

everything about clay & lindsey's wedding day was picture perfect (as you'll soon see).
from the hotel they got ready in, to a historical and emotional surprise for lindsey's mom, to their adorable first look, to the magical field across the street, to the bumpin' dance party --- the entire day was more fun than I could ever put into words. but my absolute FAVORITE thing about these two and their big day was the look on their faces every time they caught each other's eye or brushed one another's skin. there are some things in life you just can't fake...

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Mikey & Leena {Squaw Valley, CA}

once upon a time, an australian beauty met a californian air force pilot in montana.
they now live in italy, but decided to get married in the jaw-dropping gorgeous squaw valley.
and i was lucky enough to be there to capture their story.

the whole day felt like a dream...

when I asked Leena if there were any specific people she wanted photos with before her wedding came to an end, she said, without hesitation, "You, of course!!!"
just another of the many, many reasons I adore my job...

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Ross & Casey {Pebble Beach, CA}

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John & Chelsea {Paso Robles, CA}

Love conquers all.

even rain storms.

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