Canada & Back Again

Certain people collect certain things -- be it coins, coffee mugs, magnets, shoes, knives, or wind chimes.

Tangible things just don't do it for me. So I collect memories.

If you are lucky enough to know my husband, Josiah, you know that his love language is gifts -- and he speaks it very, very well. Nothing brings him more joy than showering those he loves with treasures. After 6 years of marriage and beautiful gifts, Josiah gifted me something that speaks both our love languages: an adventure. Back in May, we packed up the Honda and drove to British Columbia. These photos are just a portion of all the memories I was able to collect in those magnificent 10 days.

Our first stop was in Eureka,CA to visit my 2 brothers and my darling someday-sister-in-law...

oh, and my dog-nephew Thorin. he's basically THE SWEETEST THING EVER.

we then continued onto Seattle.
now, I'm not a city person. in the least.
but I ADORE this city.

mostly because there is a troll under a bridge.

we dropped by Josiah's cousin's salon for a quick (and AWESOME) hair-change.

and then crossed stadium #6 (of 30) off our baseball bucket list: The Mariners.

then it was off to White Rock, B.C. to visit our kickass photographer friends, Trav + Ash.

I have never met anyone with a heart for animals like these two.
for just a taste of their love of furry critters, check out this story of how they rescued their dog Pickles from certain death in Thailand.

...and I can't forget their other fur-child, Soda, who was also rescued from Thailand...

we spent one of our days adventuring along a local trail in Whistler to discover a train wreck from 1957.

p.s. the Pacific Northwest is beyond stunning.

on our way home, we made a quick overnight stop in Bellingham, WA to visit my sweet aunt.
...and also to get ice cream from our favorite spot.

and an even quicker stop in Corvallis, OR to visit a pair of childhood friends who serendipitously got married shortly after we did...

10 days, 1200 miles & 1 Harry Potter novel (read aloud) later, we made it home.
I will treasure this adventure with my beloved for the rest of my life.

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Corbin & Ellie {Templeton, CA}

they're so fancy.

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Ben & Rebecca {San Luis Obispo, CA}

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Ryan & Molly {Atascadero, CA}

this. girls. smile.
oh, my heart.

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Garrett & Natalie {Paso Robles, CA}

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