Andy & Holly {Mill Valley, CA}

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Chris & Megan {Atascadero, CA}

Oh my heart. Where do I even begin with these two.
I first met Megan when a mutual friend introduced us, insisting that we were destined to be friends. And I wasn't even remotely prepared for the amount of joyful and creative energy that was about to enter my life. Megan is one of those people who really and truly lights up a room. Her smile is brighter than the sun, she loves with fierce abandon, and has a gift with making you feel so seen and heard it's like you're the only person in her world. Just when I thought the world couldn't be any brighter, along came Chris. And all I saw was rainbows and unicorns. They are two of the most kind-hearted, smiley, DARLING souls I've ever encountered. I am a lucky son-of-gun to have them in my life.

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Jesse & Stephanie {Atascadero, CA}

you just can't fake joy like this.

// hair & makeup by : The Blushed Co. // flowers by : Noonan Designs //

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Joshua & Kimberly {San Luis Obispo, CA}

When Kimberly first contacted me and explained her wedding vision as "I want it to look like it walked off the pages of Vanity Fair", I'll admit I was a little nervous. Going up against work by legends like Annie Leibovitz might have been a LITTLE scary. But despite my trepidation, Kimberly believed in me and hired me anyways. All it took was one look at her Vera Wang masterpiece of a dress, and every ounce of nerves were replaced by an overwhelming sense of inspiration and creativity.

Just you see for yourself...........

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The Peet Family {Atascadero, CA}

meet the Peet family -- Josh, April, Ellis and little Hadley (still growing).

there are few things more precious than a child who recognizes the fact that things are changing and she's about to become a big sister. I can't really get over how cute this little munchkin is or how darling this little family is. April also happens to be a WICKED amazing floral artist
in the wedding industry I call home, so it was a huuuuuuuuge honor to be invited into their home to document this big shift in their life. needless to say, I am smitten.

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