Sometimes, I look at my life and wonder "how the heck did I get here? THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!"

Seven years ago, I couldn't have even IMAGINED that my life would look like this. I couldn't have told you that I would be a moderately successful and talented photographer who gets to travel the world and meet some of the coolest cats to walk this earth. I could have never dreamed that this industry would bring such incredible and unique people into my life, that will be in my life FOREVER.

About 2 years ago, I attended a photography "conference" called Adventure Always (you can see pictures from that adventure HERE), where I managed to fall into this cozy group of photographer friends. We witnessed other photographers pour their hearts out together, shared meals together, and went photo-adventuring all over the Queen Mary together.

Last month, we gathered together at the
Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.
There was no organized conference, paid speakers, or agenda -- just 8 artists & their cameras, following their bliss wherever it may lead them. Between the nightly hot tub conversations to the "pull over, we need to take a picture on that couch!" drives -- I never wanted it to end. I love these people so very dearly. They inspire me to challenge myself both in my art form and in my business, and I will hold them in my heart until my last breath.

this is my friend Andrew and his fiancé, Bryce.
they're getting married in November. and it's going to be LEGENDARY.

these two hearts hail from Racine, Wisconsin.
Katie & Joey, you guys are so damn cool. I still think you should move to California instead of Oregon....

and then there were these lovebirds, Brian & Christina, all the way from Buffalo, New York.
whom I forced to be lovey dovey....... YOU'RE WELCOME ;)

oh yeah, and we found Greg Balkin and his orange jacket in Joshua Tree!
so that was rad.

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