Matt & Amy {Paso Robles, CA}

If you caught Matt & Amy's engagement blog post yesterday, you know that these two love to laugh. Their wedding was no exception.
There is a joy so sweet about these two, I just want to be around them all the time.
Just wait till you see how Amy's dad calmed her nerves before walking her down the aisle (HINT: those aren't his real teeth).

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Matt & Amy

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A Surprise Proposal

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kristi. She and her sister, Lauren, had plans to spend the afternoon modeling for a "Moroccan Inspired Bridal Shower" designed by the lovely ladies at Zest It Up. Unbeknownst to Kristi, her boyfriend Cooper was hiding on the sidelines waiting for his perfect moment to blow the roof off the place and confess his undying love to the woman of his dreams, presenting her with an engagement ring upon dropped knee. She said "yes!" (among several "oh my gosh"s & "what is even going on right now?"s) and they lived happily ever after.

And I was there to capture the whole thing..........

|| Styling, Hair, Design, & Catering by : Zest It Up || Makeup by : Bellizzimo Beauty ||

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Kenny & Chantal {San Miguel, CA}

not even gale force winds could put a stop to the insane love that exudes from these two.

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Cory & Lauren {Nipomo, CA}

this wedding. ohhhhhh this wedding. throughout the entire day, I sincerely thought my mind was going to explode from over-exposure to sweet love and beauty. from the stunning floral crown (by Laurel at Adornments) to the magical location (Dana Powers House), from the video message Cory recorded after their 2nd date to the out-of-this-world precious first look (YOU GUYS, just wait till you see this first look) --- it was my heaven.

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