Chris & Kim - Montana De Oro, CA - Engagement Photos

She walked into a bar in Paris, struck up conversation with a stranger, who co-incidentally would turn out to be the love of her life.
If that's not the makings for a magical love story, I QUIT.

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Michelle - Cal Poly Graduate

Five things about Michelle:

(1) She is a photographer herself
(2) She is a Harry Potter nerd like me
(3) She plays the piccolo
(4) She lives for music
(5) She is graduating Cal Poly this weekend


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Geoff & Linden {Montana De Oro, CA}

{Hair & Makeup by Courtney Rossi Artistry}

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Sean & Stephanie {Montana De Oro, CA}

When I asked Sean & Stephanie what they were looking forward to most about being parents, they said, "We just can't wait to meet her, and see what she looks like."

Instantly, I was transported back to being 9 months pregnant feeling those same feels (minus the morning sickness, thank GOD) -- spending every waking thought wondering what kind of human being my daughter would be, and being so restless because I just couldn't wait to have her out of my body and into my arms.

I see pregnancy in an entirely different light now, and documenting this insane part of a couple's love story is even more powerful to me than ever before.

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Jake & Arianna {Montana De Oro, CA}

When people ask me what my favorite thing to photograph is, I say "couples. hands down." Why? Because there is something so powerful about the energy between two people in love. They alone have the power to bring a certain spark out of the other person. Joy sizzles like power lines between them. Laughter ripples the air, affecting everyone within hearing radius. And I get the honor of documenting all this magic as it unfolds.

Jake and Arianna are the EPITOME of my reasoning.
If you are able to get through this entire blog post without feeling something, you are dead inside :)

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