Rick & Kelly - Boulder, CO

Thanks to these lovebirds, Phoenix got to go on her first airplane last week.
Now, I LOVE California landscapes. But shooting with these Colorado colors, views, and light -- A DREEEEEEAM.
Oh, and Rick & Kelly might be the cutest thing things baby's bottoms (and I would know).

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Daniel & Stephanie - Santa Barbara, CA

Daniel & Stephanie have a seriously long history, and there wasn't a single person at this wedding that wasn't OVER THE MOON to see them finally "tie the knot." Even a perfect stranger would have been able to see that they are meant to fit together - being together is like breathing to them. They are connected in a way that is impossible to put into words. So here are pictures instead.

| Ceremony Venue: Santa Barbara Courthouse | Reception Venue: The Canary Hotel | Coordination & Design: Danae Grace Events |
| Hair & Makeup: Unveiled Makeup & Hair | Floral Design: Anna Le Play Taylor | Caterer: Finch & Fork | Video: Dustin Ensign |

{see Daniel & Stephanie's San Luis Obispo engagement shoot}

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Jack & Serra {Cambria, CA}

Sometimes, I get to photograph couples who are ALREADY married (not engaged to BE married).
And there is just something different about witnessing married love -- it's seen things, been through the ringer once or twice, it's weathered and it's beautiful.
There is strength in its quiet history. It's made from the same stuff as old books and good wine.

| Hair & Makeup: Courtney Rossi Artistry | Floral Crown: Lilies of the Field |

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Geoff & Linden {Montana De Oro, CA}

{Hair & Makeup by Courtney Rossi Artistry}

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Kevin & Megan {San Francisco, CA}

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