Rick & Kelly - Boulder, CO

Thanks to these lovebirds, Phoenix got to go on her first airplane last week.
Now, I LOVE California landscapes. But shooting with these Colorado colors, views, and light -- A DREEEEEEAM.
Oh, and Rick & Kelly might be the cutest thing things baby's bottoms (and I would know).

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Dan & Abby {Boulder, CO}

If you know me at all, you know how much I love my job.
It's seriously the best job in the whole entire solar system, nay -- UNIVERSE.
Nothing reminds me of that fact more than photographing married couples.

Meet Dan and Abby (who shares my best-job-in-the-world as a photographer, check her out yo).
They live in Colorado Springs, CO and have been married for 9 years. And come Christmas, they will be adopting twin boys (!!!!!!!!!!!)

Couples in love are my THING. They inspire me to no end. But aged love that has experienced the purpose of marriage vows -- that is the black unicorn of love to me:

Exhibit A:

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