Max & Sarah - Villa Montara Wedding

I first met Max when we were both 16 years old, in our awkward teenage prime. He loved silly adventures, make believe, and had a sense of humor unlike anyone I had encountered in my short life -- therefore, we were fast friends. Fast forward 12 years -- we lost touch somewhere after high school, and since then so much of life has happened to both of us. Max moved to Japan and became a teacher, where one spring under the cherry blossoms, he met Sarah. And as the fate would have it, I had since become a wedding photographer -- bringing our paths to cross once again. The universe is quite the snarky, mischievous gal.

And so, Max & Sarah were married surrounded by salty sea air and the closest of their friends & family. She wore her grandmother's dress & crown, and he couldn't peel his eyes off her for a moment. The day couldn't have been more perfect - cozy overcast vibes during the day, with a sunset that set my heart on fire.

| Venue: Villa Montara | Caterer: Native |


Judy Beamer:

These are absolutely beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. I remember when Max was born. There was no room for Max and his Mother at the hospital so Dad brought them home immediately. Congratulations on your new life together.


Will always remember Max attending our Bridge Club New Year Progressive his first year in a baby tux! Congrats as life progresses!

Ann Pirsch :

Breath taking pictures of Max and Sarah!! Loved all the pics they are awesome!!!