John & Molly {San Francisco, CA}

Where, oh WHERE to begin. Last weekend, I had the pleasure to visiting John and Molly in their natural habitat -- the stunning city of San Francisco. Despite weather conditions, I had the loveliest of times witnessing and capturing the sparks-flying-chemistry that John and Molly share. She is all smiles ALL the time. He is so taken by and smitten with her, it's enough to make the toughest of love-critics' knees wobble.


John & Molly {Templeton, CA} » SarahKathleen Blog:

[...] John and Molly. Their story is stunning. {see their Beloved Session}{For even more of John and Molly’s story…. feel this: [...]

Cathi Fagan:

i suppose "it" is difficult to measure, but; these are the stinking most brilliant photos!! Screaming LIFE!... and omgoodness, if she's not the cutest thing ever!! She is shining; brilliant joy! The two of them have been captured by you. ( : WOW! how do you do it?

Katie Stark:

AMAZING, LOVE!!!!! My sister and John look wonderful :)

Joel VanZ:

Sooo good Sarah! So excited to be doing this wedding with you! They look like an awesome couple..

Shannon Moore:

Beautiful photos Sarah!

Erin:! So beautiful!


Uhmmmmm. Wow!!!! Love these. I have decided that when I am engaged, we're going to SF to do pictures. Gorgeous m'dear!!