Howard & Candace {San Luis Obispo, CA}

I spent the entire morning before Howard & Candace's wedding praying, begging God to give me a break in the rain (words of which sort NEVER come out of this mouth... EVER) so that we could have some outdoor time for photos. And I kid you not, as I pulled into the Madonna Inn parking lot at 2:30pm, a patch of blue sky peeked through the gloomy clouds. Last Saturday I learned first hand that God answers prayer, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant the request is. Needless to say, the day panned out to perfection. Howard designed and planned an incredible day for his lovely bride (he even handmade the Hello Kitty bouquets), who should win some kind of "Most Relaxed and Carefree Bride of the UNIVERSE" award. They are too cute to be true, but true they are.... enjoy :) Check out their engagement photos by clickity-clacking here.