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Jose & Annie {Mill Valley, CA}

Once upon a time, a boy from Spain met a girl Japan.
They were married in the middle of the week on a perfect August day, surrounded by a handful of their favorite people. The entire day was built from scratch with the help of their friends and family. It was a magical combination of two cultures: from the signature Spanish cocktails to the ceremonial smashing of a sake barrel. There was laughter everywhere and love in the air so thick you could taste it. This couple and their big day served as another incredible reminder of why I love what I do so very much.

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Dan & Eva {Cambria, CA}

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Andy & Holly {Santa Margarita, CA}

Andy & Holly were married under a giant California live oak tree on a breezy August day.
The ceremony was conducted by Holly's own father, which created an atmosphere thick with emotion, family, and personal touch.
There is something so genuine about these two - from the way Andy tenderly wipes tears from Holly's eyes to Holly's radiant smile that catches like wildfire.

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Forrest & Laurie {La Jolla, CA}

Forrest & Laurie's wedding showed Hurricane Delores who's boss.

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Robert & Jessica {Pismo Beach, CA}

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