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Drew & Renee {San Luis Obispo, CA}

365 days.
28 marriages documented.
1 wedding to end them all.

and I must say -- this was the best end to a crazy year. ever.
*all of the heart eyes*

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Franco & Tracy {Pomona, CA}

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Mauricio & Nicole {Los Gatos, CA}

Between Mauricio's tenderness and Nicole's joyful spark, these two are going to be killer parents to the precious little twins that are cooking in that oven of hers. Their wedding was nothing short of a fairy tale, from the otherworldly locale to the towers of donuts -- literally what my dreams are made of...

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Guy & McKenna {Santa Margarita, CA}

Get a load of Guy's smile every time he remembers he gets to spend the rest of his life with McKenna.
It's my favorite. Ever.

This was one of my most favorite moments I've ever witnessed in my seven years of documenting weddings:
Yelling over the dance music, McKenna exclaimed "WE'RE MARRIED!"

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Chris & Haven {Carpinteria, CA}

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