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Howard & Candace {San Luis Obispo, CA}

I spent the entire morning before Howard & Candace's wedding praying, begging God to give me a break in the rain (words of which sort NEVER come out of this mouth... EVER) so that we could have some outdoor time for photos. And I kid you not, as I pulled into the Madonna Inn parking lot at 2:30pm, a patch of blue sky peeked through the gloomy clouds. Last Saturday I learned first hand that God answers prayer, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant the request is. Needless to say, the day panned out to perfection. Howard designed and planned an incredible day for his lovely bride (he even handmade the Hello Kitty bouquets), who should win some kind of "Most Relaxed and Carefree Bride of the UNIVERSE" award. They are too cute to be true, but true they are.... enjoy :) Check out their engagement photos by clickity-clacking here. 
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Whaaaaaaat? $1000 OFF?!?

For reasons unbeknownst to me, my July calendar is completely empty of weddings! I must have missed some memo announcing a conspiracy against July (which happens to the the best month to get married, as I myself am a July bride). So I have decided to offer $1000 off any weddings booked for the month of July!!! This will probably NEVER happen again, so be sure to tell your friends, family, and random people on the street about this killer deal. At the same time, you'll be making my summer wedding season a little more exciting. Thanks, lovelies. - Sarah
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Bohemian Lovelies

As some of you may remember, I made a new years resolution to take more pictures for FUN. I told myself I would do more "all play, no work" photo shoots. I may not have done as many as I would have liked in the last few months... but this styled shoot was something a band of female creatives dreamed up and finally came to reality. So much love, passion, creation, and vision went into this day -- it's RIDICULOUS : Hair, Makeup, and Styling by: Jamie & Stacy with Ever After Artistry (website coming soon!!) Floral Design by: Quixotic Floral Design Bridal Accessories by: Untamed Petals Photography by: Sarah Kathleen and Lindsey Gomes (stay tuned to her blog for this shoot captured through her eyes) Models: Jenna Marie, Quin, and Nada (I have pretty friends)
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Trevor & Lindsey {Veris Cellars}

As some of you may know, I've been working part time in the Veris Cellars tasting room in Templeton, CA. Today was my last day, as I go into preparing and beginning 2012's wedding season. It has been such a wondrous experience getting to talk to people, learn about wine, and behold some of California's most breathtaking landscapes out the winery's window. The wonderful new events coordinator at Veris has started a new endeavor of hosting weddings at the winery... but we needed some photographic proof of how BEAUTIFUL such weddings could be. Therefore, I talked one of my best friends (whose face you might recognize - the lovely and talented Lindsey Gomes) and her husband into getting dressed up in their wedding clothes and take some 1-year anniversary (which they will be celebrating next month) photos. I'd like to give a special thanks to Stacy Randall of Ever After Artistry for beautifying Lindsey with hair & makeup (not that it would be difficult, since she's already stunning), Untamed Petals for lending us some fun headbands and jewelry (sidebar: stay tuned for photos of our Untamed Petals styled shoot coming soon!!), Quixotic Floral Design for donating a beautiful bouquet, and of course Veris Cellars for providing a stunning location for some lovey-dovey photos :) I must warn you -- Trevor and Lindsey make for one heart-melting, knee-buckling, smile-spreading blog post. They are absolutely adorable, and I consider myself blessed to call them friends. Enjoy :)

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Ben & Kristin [San Luis Obispo, CA]

What a way to kick off the 2012 Wedding Season. The weather was PERFECT. The bride was GORGEOUS. The dance party was ROCKIN'. And, most importantly, Ben & Kristin together were just as heart-wrenchingly adorable as I had remembered from their Beloved session :)

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