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Featured Wedding ~ Learn Love

There's this cool new wedding inspiration website that focuses not only on ideas for beautiful weddings, but for a wonderful marriage as well. WHAT A CONCEPT!!!!!! I'm so stoked to get to be a part of it, as they featured Justin & Danielle's wedding this morning! {check out the full feature}
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Alex & Jordan {Paso Robles, CA}

First - aren't they GORGEOUS together? Second - well.... just see for yourself.......... {see Alex & Jordan's BeLoved Session} Oh. And...... favorite Groomsmen Party. Ever. (am I allowed to say that?) P.S. Jordan's mom made that amazing cuff bracelet she's wearing. And all the bridesmaids necklaces. She's kiiiiiiinda amazing. Check out more of her work HERE.
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Scott & Ashley {Nipomo, CA}

Perfection dominated this day. The stormy clouds and morning rain drops threatened that perfection.... but like I said -- it dominated. {check out their BeLoved session}
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Steve & Becca {Paso Robles, CA}

How's this for a "backyard BBQ wedding"?? Yup. Awesome. That's what I thought. {see their Beloved session}
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Justin & Danielle {Paso Robles, CA}

Who gets married on a Monday, you ask?? These lovebirds.
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