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Saman & Natalie {Rosarito, Mexico}

As if I didn't already love my job enough, this amazing couple up and decided to bring me all the way to Mexico to capture their wedding day. Jenna & I were immediately adopted into their amazing family and were treated like wedding guests all weekend. From dinner at a REAL table to off-the-clock drinks to brunch the morning after. Seriously -- I'm still blown away by the generosity and good time these two showed me. I only hope my photos do their the crazy awesomeness of their wedding a little bit of justice...
{see their engagement photos}

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Road Trip Adventures

Back in August, I had the honor of traveling to Utah to photograph Michael & Elizabeth's wedding.

Utah is a magical place. There is something so stunningly peaceful about the desert.
And instead of writing about it... I'd rather just show you what a fantastic adventure we had...

Jenna turned 22 while we were gone...

I learned that Zion is very rightly named...

We did as may day hikes as we could cram into one day,
Including The Narrows (despite the flash flood warning)...

... & The Weeping Rock ...

Then we moseyed on over to this place called The Grand Canyon...

With 790 miles there, and 790 miles back... it's safe to say there was some serious coffee drinking and dance partying.

She'll probably kill me for this... but my sister-cousin is my favorite.
Can you see why?

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{we have fun}

Oof. This is a big one. As you may or may not know, Josiah and I recently ventured to the East Coast for {an awesome wedding} in Rhode Island. But did we stop there? Nope. We took 2 weeks to venture about, see some sights, visit some friends, celebrate some birthdays, cross some baseball parks off our baseball-bucket-list, and make some new memories. .... and it was fantastic. Firstly -- he's my soul mate. . Rhode Island . we had a pretty kickass hotel view... with a wicked elevator... then we found some sandals in Josiah's size!!! ...we did some exploring... ...went treasure hunting... then we moseyed toward Boston... . Massachusetts . Baseball Bucket List #2 - Fenway Park {home of the Red Sox. our nemesis} .... yes, he's wearing his Yankees cap. he's a bold one ... ... I found The Green Dragon!!!! ... tasted the North End's famous Lobster Tail we eventually ended up in Philadelphia. for a second. then kept on driving... . Maryland . ... where spring threw a crazy party ... ... and my niece got trapped in my beer glass ... ... swung by this very White House ... ... hung out with Honest Abe ... ... flew by the Air and Space Smithsonian ... ... celebrated Ella's 1st birthday in Washington DC. giving her lots of kisses ... Baseball Bucket List #3 - Nationals Park {home of the Washington Nationals} 1st birthdays are fun... ... but exhausting ... Ohio-bound...! . Ohio . to see these fools... Baseball Bucket List #4 - Progressive Field {home of the Cleveland Indians} got to photograph this munchkin. (she used to be a LOT littler) we suck at taking photos together. so we snagged one in the pouring rain right before heading to the airport...
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2010 Adventure!

Josiah and I extended our 2 hour layover in Auckland to a 4 day layover in Wellington :)
So we got to stay with my friend Travis (who I haven't seen since my YWAM DTS in Northern Ireland 4 years ago), and go cafe hopping with his friends. I love Wellington, and would go back in a heartbeat.

Josiah's sister and her family (husband and 3 adorable boys) live in Corrimal, Australia. So we decided that it was high time to go visit :)

We got to visit the Blue Mountains:

Take the train to Sydney:

Go on on Sydney Harbor Cruise:

Visit the Symbio Wildlife Park:

And see some magnificent views :

[most all these photographs are available for purchase, signed limited prints. inquire further for details :)]
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