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Jeremy & Hillary - Paso Robles Pregnancy Photos

When your friend says "Sarah, I want to take some pictures of me and my baby belly in a bathtub" -- you say "YES. a million times - YES."

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Elowen Arlene - A Birth Story

Oh boy. Here we go. Recognize that face? If you don't, you must be new here. This is my work-wife, and one of my very best friends, Lindsey Arlene Gomes. Her due date was technically this coming Sunday, but last Friday, she officially joined me in the "I just pushed a baby out of my body with no drugs" club. And I could not be more proud, inspired, in awe, or emotional about the whole freakin thing.

Obviously, birth stories are just that -- a story, with lots of gory details. And so I will leave most of the verbal storytelling to Lindsey whenever she is ready to sit down and put it on paper. As for me, I will say this:

I arrived to the hospital at 3:57am on Friday, September 15th.
Over a period of 8 hours, I witnessed a woman whom I am connected to on a soul-level experience the worst pain in her life and the most magical moment of her existence. Lindsey and I have SO many things in common: we share a business, a creative view on the world, a sense of humor, a love for rose wine and charcuterie plates, even
an astrological sign -- but NOW, not only to we get to share motherhood, but motherhood to a daughter. And I could not be more grateful.

>> don't miss their pregnancy photos either <<

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Trevor & Lindsey - Pregnancy Photos

You only get a handful of "soul mates" in this life. Lindsey is one of mine. Trevor is one of hers. And soon, she's going to meet her 3rd soul mate -- the little bundle of life-changing-ness in her womb. My eyes are seriously stinging with feels as I write this. You see, I met Lindsey 6 years ago when I desperately needed someone who understood this photography part of my life. She gets me in a way not even my HUSBAND does (which is why we have fondly coined the term "work wife" for one another). And in just 4 short weeks (give or take), she is not only going to join the mom club, but the "run a photography business from home while being a mom" club. And I am selfishly SO HAPPY to welcome another member. I love these two souls more than words can ever express, and I am over the moon to witness them make the transition into parenthood. They're going to be SO kickass at it.

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Townsend Family - Pregnancy Photos - Arroyo Grande, CA

No doubt you recognize the name "Rhyan Townsend" round these parts by now. She's the hair and makeup wizard behind each and every one of my Creatures, and she's about ready to pop with her second tiny human!!! And if I didn't have a moody, teething baby crying on the floor under my desk, I would write a novel about how much I adore her as a woman, artist, and fellow girlboss. Hopefully she already knows :)

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David & Nicole - Harmony, CA

I'm not saying I didn't enjoy photographing pregnancy before I had a baby of my own, but compared to how greatly I love documenting this transition NOW versus THEN -- it is night and day. I consider it the highest honor to be invited into the last remaining moments of a couple's life before it is forever changed.

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