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Glittery Sunshine Adventure

As the last remaining minutes of 2011 tick away, I find myself in a constant state of reflection.
So many of my friends had "big" years filled with "big" and new things. As for me? Not so much. It was a beautiful year filled with new experiences and wonderful memories.... however, I wouldn't call it "big." But does it have to be...? I think not. 

If I had to choose one thing that sticks out  in my mind from the last year, it was realizing the importance of keeping my passion alive. My soul is weary at this year's end, and needs to be rejuvenated with fresh ideas and challenges. I fear I became too comfortable in where I was... and any artist will tell you that "comfortable" is the worst place for your soul to dwell. 

SO! This is what I have to say to 2012:

Dear 2012, 
      I hope your journey to the here and now has been kind to you. You have very little left to travel, and I can't wait to meet you. I just wanted to inform you that you, my friend, have a very important task at hand. You may not be aware, but you carry my soul in your hands. I need you to take good care of her: feed her, exercise her, encourage her strive to be better EVERY DAY, push her to challenge herself regularly, never allow her to take a single breath for granted, tell her she is beautiful no matter what, and NEVER (under ANY circumstances) allow her to settle into the "comfort zone." I trust you.
          All my love,    

Needless to say, I wanted to end this year with a breath of sunshine (and glitter) for my soul. 
Sooooooooo.... my friends (who happen to be stunningly GORGEOUS) and I hiked a mountain in search of sunlight and inspiration. 

We found it.

Meet Lindsey Gomes.
She is a fellow photographer and creative... 
as well as (I think it's safe to say) a newly acquired best friend.

And most of you already know Quin. Her face has graced the pages of my blog many a time. 
She and I have been best friends for what seems like a million years, but is probably closer to 18.

Quin stole my camera a few times to snap some shots of me (and my sweet new hat!)
I was highly impressed with her photo skills. And I got to mess around with some new editing techniques, which is always fun times :)
Also.... be on the lookout for more photos of me on Lindsey's Blog :) I know I will be!!!!!!

I cannot express how much I love these next two images. 
They somehow capture every ounce of (what I feel to be) my personality. 

Happy New Year, Lovlies :)
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Project Heartbeat (entry #4)

. number . 4 .

These moments called for time for stand still:

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Project Heartbeat (entry #3)

. number . 3 .

In these last few weeks, my heart has lost its breath beholding these simple things:

... and evening skies...
... and age...
... and friends...
... and birthdays :)

This Thanksgiving, live thankful. 
For we are truly blessed :)
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Halloween / Project Heartbeat (entry #2)

Halloween happened (in case you hadn't heard). 
Here's a little look into what my weekend looked like...

^ Cheshire Cat & the Headless Horseman
^ My cousin and I aren't crazy. at all.
^ The final product
^ Alice & her Mad Hatter :)
(we have fun)

And thennnnnnnnn....
My newest entry for "Project Heartbeat"
... these are a few things that made my heart happy in the last few weeks.
... so happy that I couldn't help but stop everything to capture that moment in time.
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Project Heartbeat (entry #1)

Quite some time ago, a fellow photographer that I look up to challenged me to ask myself a question -- Why? Why am I a photographer? Why do I do this, love this? -- and to write down my answer. Needless to say, I set that challenge on the back burner. But better late than never, right? 

This evening, I was on my way home from a photo session on the beach. It was about 15 minutes to sunset, and this inner-monologue was going through my head: 
Care-free/La-De-Da Me: "Why aren't you staying to watch the sunset?"
Rushing/Busy Me: "Because I have to get home and upload these photos."
Care-free Me: "But you ADORE the beach. You LOVE sunsets. Pull this car over. Now."
So I did. 
As I stood with my pants rolled up, toes sunk in the sand beneath the water, I beheld something beautiful. Something I haven't taken the time to watch in a while. Something I used to consider (one of) God's personal love letters to me. The sunset. And my heart stood still. 

^ That ^ inspired this: 
Why am I a photographer?
Because I am, and forever want to be, inspired by everything.
Because I long to see the beauty in everything.
Because I have the ability to behold those things that inspire me, capture them, and keep them forever
Because I have the super-power to make time stand still with the open&close; of a shutter. 
Because life is short. fleeting. fading away.... and I don't want to miss a single moment of it.
Because it is what I was created to do. to be

And ^that^ inspired this: 
Project Heartbeat
I vow to stop whenever an opportunity for my heart to stand still arises. 
to never be too busy to feel inspired.
to capture that moment.
to share it with you :)

This is the first of many posts to come.

"You are beautiful, my sweet, sweet song.
You are beautiful, my sweet, sweet song. 
I will sing again."
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