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//Sun Chasers//

I have freakin ridiculously beautiful and talented friends. I got together with Lindsey Gomes and Jenna Marie for a photographic adventure... and it was magical. I could go on and on about how much I adore these ladies and every beat of their creative hearts.... BUT.... I just really can't wait to click "publish". So. There.
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{photographer adventure}

some days, you just need to drive to an ostridge farm and take photos with your photographer friends. and that's just what we did. these two little cuties are Peter & Emily Kappen of Kappen Photography. they're wicked talented. you would be a fool not to scope 'em out. (sidenote: they'll also be the super badass models in my next {Ever After} Series shoot.) these faces are no stranger to this blog.... Trevor & Lindsey Gomes of Lindsey Gomes Photography. also freakishly amazing. and then there's this handsome devil...
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{we have fun}

Oof. This is a big one. As you may or may not know, Josiah and I recently ventured to the East Coast for {an awesome wedding} in Rhode Island. But did we stop there? Nope. We took 2 weeks to venture about, see some sights, visit some friends, celebrate some birthdays, cross some baseball parks off our baseball-bucket-list, and make some new memories. .... and it was fantastic. Firstly -- he's my soul mate. . Rhode Island . we had a pretty kickass hotel view... with a wicked elevator... then we found some sandals in Josiah's size!!! ...we did some exploring... ...went treasure hunting... then we moseyed toward Boston... . Massachusetts . Baseball Bucket List #2 - Fenway Park {home of the Red Sox. our nemesis} .... yes, he's wearing his Yankees cap. he's a bold one ... ... I found The Green Dragon!!!! ... tasted the North End's famous Lobster Tail we eventually ended up in Philadelphia. for a second. then kept on driving... . Maryland . ... where spring threw a crazy party ... ... and my niece got trapped in my beer glass ... ... swung by this very White House ... ... hung out with Honest Abe ... ... flew by the Air and Space Smithsonian ... ... celebrated Ella's 1st birthday in Washington DC. giving her lots of kisses ... Baseball Bucket List #3 - Nationals Park {home of the Washington Nationals} 1st birthdays are fun... ... but exhausting ... Ohio-bound...! . Ohio . to see these fools... Baseball Bucket List #4 - Progressive Field {home of the Cleveland Indians} got to photograph this munchkin. (she used to be a LOT littler) we suck at taking photos together. so we snagged one in the pouring rain right before heading to the airport...
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2012, it's been swell.

*sigh* I'm finally getting around to writing my "End of 2012" blog post. And it feels good. 2012 was one hell of a year. I could easily write a short novel about the journey Josiah and I have been on this last year: from the deep, dark chasm of health issues and car accidents to the bright, open roads of  motorcycles and puppies. But instead of putting you through that, I'll tell some of that story in photos. Like I seem to do best..... ......... ...... ... .. . In April, I got to travel to Maryland to meet my first-ever niece. Her name is Ella Nadine, and I am completely smitten with her. In May, my parents celebrated 30 years of marriage. Which is kiiiiiiind of a big deal. In June, my baby brother graduated high school. Crazy, right?In July, Josiah and I celebrated 4 years of marriage. {My lovely and talented friend Lindsey Gomes took this photo of us} In August, I started a new art project. ...... on my SKIN. In September, one of my most darling childhood friends got marriedI hardly took any pictures.... .... I swear. Oh, and then I jumped in a pool fully clothed with some AMAZING new friends. Also in September, my life became complete when one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world moved HOME from New Mexico. She is my female soul mate. Don't be hatin'. In October, niece #2 was born. I am equally as smitten with little Lillian Grace. And the SAME day, Josiah and I also added a fur-child to our little family. His name is Griffin, and he loves his mama. In November, I had one of the BEST birthdays of all time. Complete with birthday candles, new boots, a motorcycle cruise to the beach, and beers with some of my favorite folks. In December, Christmas Eve happened.... which of course means epic amounts of soup at our 4th annual Christmas Eve Soup Spectacular!!! Which was only naturally followed by Christmas Day. Remember that first niece born in April? Yeah.... she didn't stay little for long. 4 days after Christmas, we went to Disneyland.... with 14 other people. Are we insane? The answer is yes. Most definitely, yes. One thing I am most incredibly proud to have accomplished in the year of 2012 is starting a new photo series called the {Ever After} Series. Alongside some of the area's most amazing creatives, we marked 5 fairy tales off our list (which is ever-growing). For 2013, I foresee pumpkin carriages, wolves, mermaids, Sherwood Forest and Neverland.... and I can't WAIT. Thank you SO much for all the encouragement and support each and every one of you have shown me over the years. It's all those darling compliments, subtle and not-so-subtle, that keep me doing what I do. If it weren't for beautiful souls like you, I would have quit this business a long time ago. Happy New Year, my preciouses. P.S. Sonic was around too. Just doin' his thang....
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Charity Got Married

See this girl? She is one of my dearest childhood friends. And she officially started her "happily ever after" in September. I was there. But I wasn't the official photographer (my amazing cousin/2nd shooter, Jenna was. check out her photos from the day). So these are just a few shots I snapped in the in-between moments... and a few over Jenna's shoulder. I couldn't HELP ITTTTTT!!!!!! {see Charity and Brandon's Beloved Session}
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