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Rosarito, Mexico

Oh, Mexico. What to say about you...

Back in October, Saman and Natalie invited Jenna and I to come photograph their wedding in Rosarito.
Our time there was short, sweet, and full of memories that will bring both Jenna and I into a laughing fit.
From the easiest border crossings ever (I knew the immigrations officer coming back into the US. this is seriously he smallest of worlds), to our encounter with a shopkeeper named Manuel (who showed us Mexican hospitality and dressed us up for the photo you'll see) -- Jenna and I practiced saying "yes" to adventure and took a few photographs along the way...

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Adventure Always

"Sometimes our light goes out, but it is blown into an instant flame by an encounter with another human being."
- Albert Schweitzer

Back in October, I took my soul on an adventure aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California -- to the Adventure Always artist gathering. This is the 3rd year I've attended, and each year I create more relationships and life-long friendships that I ever could have imagined. There is something so spectacular about being in a place where you are surrounded by kindred spirits, souls with similar markings as yours, hearts that are hungry for adventure and inspiration. It's magic, really.

My newest personal challenge has been to document more of my own life for once, so I did my best to carry my camera with me... but I still managed to have already packed it away when my friends and I went on a spontaneous ship-exploration (facepalm). Thus, basically any photos you see of me in this blog post were taken by the amazing Jenna Marie :)

Though the photos may be few, I wanted to also share a few things that travelled back with me -- whether scrawled on the pages of my journal or piggy-backing on my full heart...

"God will take you where you did not expect to go, to produce in you what you could not bring about on your own." - The Parsons

a beautiful reminder:

what I do MATTERS.

{above, the result of our 8am confetti fight}

--------------> JOY is a CHOICE.

"be a story LISTENER. and then a story TELLER." - Jonas Peterson

I want to capture real things. real stories. real emotions. sometimes those things aren't pretty. aren't happy. aren't perfect.
I want to capture and document the messy part of life. the ugly part of life.
Because it's just as real {and important} as the pretty parts.

{these next few images I stole from my friends Christina & Brian from Shaw Photography Co.}

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Fern Canyon

Last month, Josiah and I took Griffin on a road trip up to Eureka to photograph some dear friends & visit my brother and his girlfriend.
I totally slacked and hardly took any photos at all.... but I'm okay with that. Instead of taking in the view through a lens, my own eyes got to take a turn.
End result? A peace that only fresh air can bring and one happy, happy soul.

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Road Trip Adventures

Back in August, I had the honor of traveling to Utah to photograph Michael & Elizabeth's wedding.

Utah is a magical place. There is something so stunningly peaceful about the desert.
And instead of writing about it... I'd rather just show you what a fantastic adventure we had...

Jenna turned 22 while we were gone...

I learned that Zion is very rightly named...

We did as may day hikes as we could cram into one day,
Including The Narrows (despite the flash flood warning)...

... & The Weeping Rock ...

Then we moseyed on over to this place called The Grand Canyon...

With 790 miles there, and 790 miles back... it's safe to say there was some serious coffee drinking and dance partying.

She'll probably kill me for this... but my sister-cousin is my favorite.
Can you see why?

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Project Heartbeat (entry #7)

Life is a beautiful thing. What better day to remember that, than today? In this modern age, it has become far too easy to miss out on so much of the beauty that surrounds us. Let us not forget to remember how short life is, and how some of our brave soldiers' short lives were cut even shorter.

~ Project Heartbeat ~ .  number .  7 . {thankful for every breath}

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