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2014, it's been swell

As another year has come and gone and a new year is suddenly staring me dead in the face, all I can think is "holy smokes, where did the time go?" Lucky for me, I have this terrible habit of photographing that time before it slips away for good. Leaving me with a sliver of evidence that the year did in fact happen.

Most of my blog consists of the moments in time I've captured of OTHER people's lives. But today I've decided to put a little post together as a sort of "oh yeah, I have moments in my life work remembering TOO" journal entry. So here it is. my 2014 laid out in photos.


I kicked off my year by taking a cruise with my girlfriends.
I learned two things:
#1 - I love my friends SO FREAKING MUCH.
#2 - but cruises are not my thing

these faces pretty much sum it up:

when I got home from said cruise, my Ohio soul mate was waiting for me. she gets me.

if you follow my Ever After Series at all, you know that my little brother and his lovely lady posed for my Mary Poppins edition.
and that was beyond fun.

another fun development in my creative life: my friend Jeremy and I started a duet called Of Wind & Waves (hear some of our janky iPhone recordings here). and my super rad friend Lindsey Gomes snapped some promo photos of us. we're pretty cool, I guess.

he even puts up with my strangeness. I think I'll keep him.

my 2014 Resolution was to start taking more time for myself and to pour more focus into my yoga practice.
so that's exactly what I did (you can follow my yoga journey via instagram, if you so please)

yoga is something I share with my person, Bri.
which is my favorite.

speaking of Bri, she also has some really amazing children.
meet our godsons, Cade & Nolan:

speaking of children, my cousin (who is really, truly more like my sister) had another baby.
he's basically the cutest little chunker on the planet. obviously.

and speaking of my cousin, Kelsey. that brings me to the hardest part of my 2014: saying goodbye to my Uncle Kent.
he was the most generous, love-you-no-matter-WHAT man I know. and I will miss him, his fish tacos, and his smile until my dying day.

here's Griffin, our fur child. 'nuff said.

oh! and then Josiah and I bought a house!
this photo was taken right after signing a mountain of papers. my face says more than my words ever could.

we also celebrated 6 years of marriage this year.
which is pretty feckin radical.

our 2014 adventure was packing up the Civic and driving to British Columbia.

then I took a trip to Yosemite with my parents and my Nanna.
a good time was had by all.

aren't my parents cute??

I drank a lot of tea, as per usual.

went to Vegas for my best friend of 23 years' bachelorette.
this photo was taken at 7 o'clock in the morning after being out all night, and before driving home 3 hours later.
I'd say we look pretty damn good.

said best friend then got married. but not before having a mascarade style rehearsal dinner.
which was the best idea in the universe.

aaaaaaaand married.

this year, Josiah and I rekindled an old friendship with this guy. we've become quite the little family.

especially since he moved in with us :)

we took our annual family vacation to Squaw Valley (where my family has been going almost every summer since I was about 4)

these are my brothers. and their dogs.
I think I'll keep all 4 of them.

one of the most EPIC parts of my 2014 was flying solo to Italy and spending a week with my darling friend Kimberly.
I didn't even know how badly I needed it, until it happened.

this photo sums up every single thought, feeling, memory, and "oh, life -- you bless me" breath I experienced on my Italian adventure:

before I knew it, it was Thanksgiving. which is my favorite holiday, because I actually really REALLY love my family.

you might recognize this face. the one and only Lindsey Gomes.
my sun chasing partner for life. this particular moment in time, we were jamming out to the new T. Swift album.
business as usual for us:

Lindsey, my love, I look forward to chasing the sun even when we need old lady walkers or wheel chairs <3

also -- THIS GIRL. Sabrina Klomp has been my trusty ninja sidekick at weddings this whole year. I couldn't imagine 2014 without her.

overall, 2014 has been one of my favorite years of life as I know it.
the end.

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Soul Being : Josh Cody

Just over a year ago, I started this fun project -- surrounding myself with beautiful people who make beautiful art.
Now, this fine fellow isn't just a random musician I found on the street and asked to photograph for my series. No. This is one of my dearest friends, Josh Cody. He came into Josiah's and my life at the perfect time, and even though we haven't been friends since the dawn of time, it sure feels like it. He's the type of person that puts a smile on your face just by the way he says "hello," the type of person that you want around ALL the time. He has a fervor for life and art that is contagious. And I am just so damn grateful to know him and count him as one of my friends. I look forward to a lifetime of misadventure, late night glasses of wine, and Lord of the Rings conversation with this fine gentleman.

{Soul Being}
Part 4
// Joshua Allen Cody //

How long have you been playing music? And what instruments do you play?
"If we count me putting on bicycle gloves and beating on a small hand drum my father got from India: 17 years. My first real instrumental pursuit was an African hand drum called a Djembe when I was 12 years old. My father began to teach me guitar when I was 13. He told me “Son, all you need is three chords and the truth.” He showed me basic chords and I stumbled through the rest over the years just experimenting with different chord shapes and sounds. Already having developed a love for percussion I easily fell for rhythm guitar. I’ve always just told people I play drums on my guitar. Eventually my father again encouraged me to join choir and I began to sing. Singing was/is my most difficult instrument to hone… But nothing compares to singing as loud as you can while banging on a guitar. You just hope at some point others can enjoy it too. I’ve found one of my greatest joys is learning new instruments. Since I started, I’ve gone on to learn the basics on accordion, piano, other percussion, ukulele, bass, mandolin, whistling, harmonica and just other odd end noise makers.

What are some of your biggest musical influences?
"U2, Coldplay and Counting Crows got my wheels turning and sent me in a musical direction at a young age. Since then, bands such as Sigur Ros, The Arcade Fire, Damien Rice, Sea Wolf and Andrew Bird have continually blown my mind, helping me think outside my own box and strive for originality."

What inspires you most?
"I am in love with the outdoors. Mountains, trees, rain, water ways and the color green have always sent me to my favorite creative/imaginative places. I’ve found the happiest, sweet places in those settings and peace in my most melancholy of times. I think I just get emotionally heightened in nature. Over the years I began composing music for film, I love pairing the audible with the visual. I started my own company as JoCo (Josh Cody squished together, given to me from a sweet friend Josh Mock aka JoMo) and now work with a licensing company out of Portland Oregon."

What do you love most about music?
"I love that music can bring us peace and comfort, meeting us in the darkest of hours or in the happiest of times. Being able to channel all the wild things we feel in this world, into a creative medium has been and continues to be something I’m so very thankful for. Whether it is in personal expression or being enveloped in another’s."

How does music effect your day to day life?
"From when I wake up till I turn in, music is always there to meet me -- however I’m feeling. It also keeps my crazy ass brain focused to learn or create something new. Music is a lovely, beautiful thing and I’m so grateful for its daily reprieve in this life."

| JoCo Facebook | iTunes | Artist Profile | History of Painters Facebook |

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Yosemite Adventures with Nanna

There is nothing in this world that I value more than my loved ones. I have been blessed with the most encouraging, supportive, fun family. I treasure every moment I get with them, but this 3 day adventure will forever be one of my all time most-cherished memories. I got to run away to Yosemite with my parents and my 81 year old Nanna -- 3 of my all time favorite people on the planet, some of my best friends really.

It blows my mind that this place is just a 3 hour drive from my doorstep. This place, that people travel from all corners of the world to see, is practically my backyard.

"Blessed" hardly begins to cover it...

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Canada & Back Again

Certain people collect certain things -- be it coins, coffee mugs, magnets, shoes, knives, or wind chimes.

Tangible things just don't do it for me. So I collect memories.

If you are lucky enough to know my husband, Josiah, you know that his love language is gifts -- and he speaks it very, very well. Nothing brings him more joy than showering those he loves with treasures. After 6 years of marriage and beautiful gifts, Josiah gifted me something that speaks both our love languages: an adventure. Back in May, we packed up the Honda and drove to British Columbia. These photos are just a portion of all the memories I was able to collect in those magnificent 10 days.

Our first stop was in Eureka,CA to visit my 2 brothers and my darling someday-sister-in-law...

oh, and my dog-nephew Thorin. he's basically THE SWEETEST THING EVER.

we then continued onto Seattle.
now, I'm not a city person. in the least.
but I ADORE this city.

mostly because there is a troll under a bridge.

we dropped by Josiah's cousin's salon for a quick (and AWESOME) hair-change.

and then crossed stadium #6 (of 30) off our baseball bucket list: The Mariners.

then it was off to White Rock, B.C. to visit our kickass photographer friends, Trav + Ash.

I have never met anyone with a heart for animals like these two.
for just a taste of their love of furry critters, check out this story of how they rescued their dog Pickles from certain death in Thailand.

...and I can't forget their other fur-child, Soda, who was also rescued from Thailand...

we spent one of our days adventuring along a local trail in Whistler to discover a train wreck from 1957.

p.s. the Pacific Northwest is beyond stunning.

on our way home, we made a quick overnight stop in Bellingham, WA to visit my sweet aunt.
...and also to get ice cream from our favorite spot.

and an even quicker stop in Corvallis, OR to visit a pair of childhood friends who serendipitously got married shortly after we did...

10 days, 1200 miles & 1 Harry Potter novel (read aloud) later, we made it home.
I will treasure this adventure with my beloved for the rest of my life.

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Carnival Cruise

Back in January, I embarked on 4 day cruise with 3 of my dearest friends. Although I learned that I don't function well confined in a small space with girls (and thousands of other people, for that matter), and that cruises are most definitely not for me... the adventures we had when we got off the boat are some that I will treasure for the rest of my existence.

I didn't take my "real" camera onshore in Ensenada, but we had a hell of a time zip lining and snappin' selfies regardless.

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