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Erik & Shermin {Atascadero, CA}

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Ryan & Kate {Big Sur, CA}

This was my first time meeting Ryan & Kate. Needless to say, they are my kind of people.
Anyone who laughs this much together is a-ok in my book. Not to mention a BLAST to photograph.

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Jake & Arianna {Montana De Oro, CA}

When people ask me what my favorite thing to photograph is, I say "couples. hands down." Why? Because there is something so powerful about the energy between two people in love. They alone have the power to bring a certain spark out of the other person. Joy sizzles like power lines between them. Laughter ripples the air, affecting everyone within hearing radius. And I get the honor of documenting all this magic as it unfolds.

Jake and Arianna are the EPITOME of my reasoning.
If you are able to get through this entire blog post without feeling something, you are dead inside :)

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Ben & Erin {Carmel, CA}

these beautiful kids are getting married in 3 weeks.
it was high time we met.

as if their poppin-bottles, instax-taking-ness wasn't enough proof. the nonstop quoting of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days sealed the deal -- we're going to get along JUST FINE.

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Mike & Kelsea {Morro Bay, CA}

Four years ago, Mike & Kelsea were married on the tropical sands of the Bahamas.
To celebrate, they donned their wedding clothes once again on the not-nearly-as-warm sands of California.
Oh yeah -- and I took pictures :)

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