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Ben & Erin {Carmel, CA}

these beautiful kids are getting married in 3 weeks.
it was high time we met.

as if their poppin-bottles, instax-taking-ness wasn't enough proof. the nonstop quoting of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days sealed the deal -- we're going to get along JUST FINE.

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Mike & Kelsea {Morro Bay, CA}

Four years ago, Mike & Kelsea were married on the tropical sands of the Bahamas.
To celebrate, they donned their wedding clothes once again on the not-nearly-as-warm sands of California.
Oh yeah -- and I took pictures :)

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Buddy & Hannah {San Simeon, CA}

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Mikey & Fiona {Los Osos, CA}


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Drew & Renee {Morro Bay, CA}

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