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Adrian + Nicole

Say hello to Adrian and Nicole's upcoming Christmas card.
They have the sweetest (and somewhat slobbery) little family made up of the two of them along with Jericho (the lab), Tarka (the darling white-faced retriever), and Maddy (the other darling retriever). 

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Howard + Candace

Howard and Candace are the epitome of "opposites attract". 
It's so fun seeing how two AMAZING personalities come together to create something even AMAZING-ER. (yup, it's a word. look it up.... or maybe don't). 

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Ben + Kristin

cute-as-a-button OVERLOAD.

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Featured! - Inspired by This

This is my first engagement session to be published on a wedding blog!
And I couldn't be more excited :)
The wonderful folks at Be Inspired PR saw something they loved in Aaron & Lorraine's photos, and decided they wanted to share them on their beautiful blog.
Styled by : Lemonade Design Co.
Check out the full post!
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Alex + Emeline

Warning: Cuteness overload. 
It is impossible not to fall head over heels in love with Alex and Emeline's LOVE!!!
I am beside myself with excitement for their wedding in Fort Bragg next month :)

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