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Dan + Tammy

This last weekend I had the joy of driving up to San Francisco for a change of scenery and to meet this fantabulous couple for a picture-escapade. We had the best of times exploring the aquarium and rainforest (complete with humidity and temperature control!) exhibits at the Academy of Science, hunting down trolley cars, and chasing the light with their two precious pups, Lily and Toro. 
Dan and Tammy are not only beautiful to look at, but wonderful to spend time with. I already can't wait to have more picture time with them come their wedding in June :)

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Garrett + Kristen

I am head over heels for this couple. 
Kristen just so happens to be an mutual friend from waaaaay back when (I'm talkin' 3rd grade). And her fiance just so happens to have gotten a job as a youth pastor at the church where Kristen and I met. 
Fate is cute like that. 

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Marc & Jen

Vespas. Cemeteries. LA Contemporary Museum of Art. Beloved. 
What do all these things add up to?
A seriously fantastical Sarah's Favorite Things cocktail, that's what. 

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Scott + Ashley

One year ago today, I had the pleasure of meeting Scott and Ashley. 
Scott was dressed as a rockstar and Ashley was his groupie.

I had such a blast with these two - fending off vagabonds and chasing sunlight on the hilltops (let the record show that Ashley RAN up Madonna Mountain in those shoes). And I definitely can't wait for their wedding in August :)

(Scott and Ashley's session was styled by the amazing Jamie with Lemonade Design Co.)
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Adrian + Nicole

Say hello to Adrian and Nicole's upcoming Christmas card.
They have the sweetest (and somewhat slobbery) little family made up of the two of them along with Jericho (the lab), Tarka (the darling white-faced retriever), and Maddy (the other darling retriever). 

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