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John & Molly {San Francisco, CA}

Where, oh WHERE to begin. Last weekend, I had the pleasure to visiting John and Molly in their natural habitat -- the stunning city of San Francisco. Despite weather conditions, I had the loveliest of times witnessing and capturing the sparks-flying-chemistry that John and Molly share. She is all smiles ALL the time. He is so taken by and smitten with her, it's enough to make the toughest of love-critics' knees wobble.

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Adam + Laura {Reedley, CA}

I finally met my match with a movie quoting couple. Adam & Laura are totes magotes AWESOME and head over heels for each other. Throw in miles of blossoming trees with a giggling, in love couple... and I am in photographer heaven. "Big gulps, huh? ... Welp! See ya later!"

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Alex + Jordan {Vandenberg, CA}

Oh my goodness. Those are the only three words that can seem to process in my brain right now. Alex & Jordan are one of the most precious, sweet, adorable, twitterpated couples I have ever had the honor of capturing. And let me tell you why:

#1. Alex is in the Air Force, so we had VIP access to the Vandenberg Air Force Base... where my breathe was taken away by the stunning views... and Jordan's hair was threatened by insane wind. #2.  Alex is also an EPIC Lord of the Rings nerd like me. Right when I thought the view couldn't get any better, he played the Concerning Hobbits theme on the truck stereo and made my heart twirl around like a little girl. #3.  The smile that stretches across Jordan's face when Alex looks at, talks to, sings to, or kisses her is enough to make any hopeless romantic's knees weak. I could keep going and going... but I seriously can't wait to click "Publish" on this post so that all you lovelies can see it!!! The end.
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Peter & Cathi

This post holds very dear to my heart... and let me tell you why: These two lovely souls happen to be my parents. And they will be celebrating 30 years of marriage in May. I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for the love (the easy AND the tough kind) they have raised me with and shown me my entire life. They are the most encouraging parents a girl could have. Did they care when I said "Mom and Dad, I'm not going to college! I'm going to be a photographer instead!!!"? No. They believed in me and told me the same thing they've been telling me since I was a wee, toe-headed lass - "Follow your dreams. And don't let anyone tell you different." The love my parents have is unlike anything I have ever seen before (and I've seen my fair share of love). Despite all the challenges they've faced and obstacles they've encountered, their love never fails. They taught me everything I know about love. And I can only hope I will be half the parent to my own children someday as they have been to me.

I've been wanting to do a Beloved Session with mom and dad for over a year now. And we FINALLY made it happen. One of my favorite moments from our hour together was when I asked my dad how he would describe his wife to a stranger, and he said "She's beautiful, hospitable, and loves everyone." She replied, "Oh really. Well, on a good day maybe!" He didn't miss a beat and responded, "Even the sea is beautiful on a bad day." That, ladies and gentleman, is my dad. I was too anxiously excited to edit these photos, I haven't even had breakfast yet. I came straight to my office, chose Alison Krauss' Pandora station to inspire my editing time, and I constantly found myself stopping and just staring at the screen in AWE of how beautiful my mom and dad are. There were even tears at one point. Words cannot express how much these two people mean to me. I consider them my best of friends and can't wait to capture even more of these moments for another 30 years to come. So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the hearts that raised me.

.... and just for fun... a 30 year old photograph.

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Thomas & Stephanie

So many smiles. So much laughter. Such beautiful love. Stephanie & Thomas remind me why I love my job so darn much.

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