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Ryan, Martha & Cady

Allow me to start this blog post with a statement of fact: I have the best friends in the whole wide world. At approximately 10:30 pm on Wednesday, March 13th, there was a knock at my door. Standing on my doorstep was a troupe of traveling friends who had pulled off the ultimate feat: Surprising Sarah Leader. After high school, I spent 6 months on a Discipleship Training School at a YWAM base in Northern Ireland. I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined the friendships I would build during those 6 months, and keep for the rest of my life. A group of us had been throwing around the idea of gathering somewhere in the US for St. Patrick's Day, but because of finances I thought the idea had been put on the shelf for another time. I was WRONG. Ryan and Martha (whom you may recognize from their wedding photos) along with my friend Michelle (who is also a talented photographer) continued to conspire and made the St. Patrick's Day AWESOMENESS happen... all the way from Ohio and Florida. Anyyyyyyways. If you hadn't noticed, there is a new addition to Ryan and Martha's life. Her name is Cadence Rhiannon... but we call her Cady... or Cady Bug... or Pumpkin Butt.... and things of that nature :) There is something so INSANE about growing up, and watching your friends grow up with you. It blows my mind that my friends created something so perfect and precious. Their presence in my life and home left a lingering sweetness that I never want to to go away. Now if I could only move Ohio and California closer together, my life would be complete. Enjoy.
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Tommy & Tasha {Edna, CA}

Laughter is quite simply one of the greatest things ever created. Therefore, Tommy & Tasha are quite simply one of the greatest couples ever created. And that's that.

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John & Molly {San Francisco, CA}

Where, oh WHERE to begin. Last weekend, I had the pleasure to visiting John and Molly in their natural habitat -- the stunning city of San Francisco. Despite weather conditions, I had the loveliest of times witnessing and capturing the sparks-flying-chemistry that John and Molly share. She is all smiles ALL the time. He is so taken by and smitten with her, it's enough to make the toughest of love-critics' knees wobble.

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Adam + Laura {Reedley, CA}

I finally met my match with a movie quoting couple. Adam & Laura are totes magotes AWESOME and head over heels for each other. Throw in miles of blossoming trees with a giggling, in love couple... and I am in photographer heaven. "Big gulps, huh? ... Welp! See ya later!"

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Alex + Jordan {Vandenberg, CA}

Oh my goodness. Those are the only three words that can seem to process in my brain right now. Alex & Jordan are one of the most precious, sweet, adorable, twitterpated couples I have ever had the honor of capturing. And let me tell you why:

#1. Alex is in the Air Force, so we had VIP access to the Vandenberg Air Force Base... where my breathe was taken away by the stunning views... and Jordan's hair was threatened by insane wind. #2.  Alex is also an EPIC Lord of the Rings nerd like me. Right when I thought the view couldn't get any better, he played the Concerning Hobbits theme on the truck stereo and made my heart twirl around like a little girl. #3.  The smile that stretches across Jordan's face when Alex looks at, talks to, sings to, or kisses her is enough to make any hopeless romantic's knees weak. I could keep going and going... but I seriously can't wait to click "Publish" on this post so that all you lovelies can see it!!! The end.
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