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Andy, Jamie, & Kiley

This little family is a bucket full of awesome-ness. 
Our photo session was one big pile of smiles, laughs, and kisses... 
which is what every day should be like, no? 

Also.... cutest idea EVER:
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The Lukasik Family

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite families of all time!!!
The Lukasiks. 
Bill will blow your mind with his BBQing skills. 
Marci will breathe new life into your muscles with her massage skills. 
Katie is one of my bestest friends who I can always count on to call me on my crap. 
Hannah can save your life with her life-gaurding skills. 
Her daughter, Peyton, will stun you with cuteness. 
Becca is a rockin Pole Dancing Yoga instructor (yup, it's totally a thing!)
Steve is the master of the wine world at Justin winery. 
Their daughter, Skylar, has more energy than the energizer bunny. 

To know them is to love them :)

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Nicole & Riley Jai & Lyla Wing

Say hello to the coolest of all cats -- Nicole and her two kids, Lyla Wing and Riley Jai. 
Nicole has been a friend of mine since the 4th wedding I ever shot, where she was the florist... which is just one of her many hats. She also has mad photographer and hair&makeup; skills. She is one of the most beautiful and passionate souls I've had the pleasure of encountering. So when she told me about her "Dr. Seuss-like" vision for her family photos, I was pretty darn stoked. 
I'll let the photographs speak for themselves...

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Adrian + Nicole

Say hello to Adrian and Nicole's upcoming Christmas card.
They have the sweetest (and somewhat slobbery) little family made up of the two of them along with Jericho (the lab), Tarka (the darling white-faced retriever), and Maddy (the other darling retriever). 

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Baby Max

I can't believe it was less than 2 months ago that I was taking photos of this little guy when he was still snuggled away inside Mommy's womb (which you can see here).
Kyle and Emily invited me into their home to capture these precious beginning moments of their new life with Max. Despite the fact that Max didn't really prefer being left alone on a blanket to have his photo taken, we were able to capture some very real and beautiful moments :)

Then we headed over to Emily's grandmother's house to snap some photos of the whole family. 
This beautiful woman started a beautiful family, and now she has a brand new great-grandson. 
Isn't the thing called FAMILY beautiful??

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