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Vera Capri

Meet my dear friend Kimberly. Last week, I got to meet her beautiful daughter for the first time ..... this is the outcome of my photographic encounter with Vera Capri .....
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The S Family

I don't photograph a lot of families. But when I do, they have to be AWESOME. Like this darling little family. Even though I don't normally blog family photo shoots, I just couldn't keep these little gems to myself. I hope these photos put a huge smile on your face, like they did mine. :)

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Mini Sessions. Book it.

Your attention PLEASE! This is happening. For every shoot booked now through the end of December. - Beloved - Pregnancy - Family - Children - Trash the Dress - Boudoir  You name it. I'll photograph it. Have you ever said "I wish we had new photos of us........" ??? Well you can stop that. And email me: {be sure to mention this blog post to take full advantage of this sweet deal} 
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The Whitacre Family

There are certain things in life that give me a brutal reminder that I'm officially a grown up -- like when your childhood friends start having babies. Sarah and I grew up on opposite sides of a creek, so like any kid, I accurately dubbed her and her sisters "The Creek Girls". Because it just made perfect sense... at the time. We share countless childhood memories building forts, telling scary stories around a campfire, and throwing rocks at the big scary squid monster that lived in the swimming hole. Sarah married Nathan, and they have a BEAUTIFUL little munchkin named Dorian. Nathan is on his way to basic training with the Navy in Rhode Island, so we got to capture a few moments in this amazing family's life on film for Sarah and Nathan to have and hold each other from opposite sides of the country. Enjoy.
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Chase, Kelsey & Ella

Last week, I had the pleasure of flying back East to Maryland to meet my brand new niece, Ella Nadine Hughes. Needless to say, my heart was instantly stolen by this precious little angel... as I'm sure yours will be by the end of this blog post :) {see Kelsey's pregnancy photos}
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