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The Hughes Family

See this little cutie pie? She's my niece. It's okay to be a little jealous. 3 weeks after my darling Ella Nadine was born, she got her first closeup with her auntie Sarah.

Words cannot express how much I adore this little family.

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Vera Capri

Meet my dear friend Kimberly. Last week, I got to meet her beautiful daughter for the first time ..... this is the outcome of my photographic encounter with Vera Capri .....
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The S Family

I don't photograph a lot of families. But when I do, they have to be AWESOME. Like this darling little family. Even though I don't normally blog family photo shoots, I just couldn't keep these little gems to myself. I hope these photos put a huge smile on your face, like they did mine. :)

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Mini Sessions. Book it.

Your attention PLEASE! This is happening. For every shoot booked now through the end of December. - Beloved - Pregnancy - Family - Children - Trash the Dress - Boudoir  You name it. I'll photograph it. Have you ever said "I wish we had new photos of us........" ??? Well you can stop that. And email me: {be sure to mention this blog post to take full advantage of this sweet deal} 
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The Whitacre Family

There are certain things in life that give me a brutal reminder that I'm officially a grown up -- like when your childhood friends start having babies. Sarah and I grew up on opposite sides of a creek, so like any kid, I accurately dubbed her and her sisters "The Creek Girls". Because it just made perfect sense... at the time. We share countless childhood memories building forts, telling scary stories around a campfire, and throwing rocks at the big scary squid monster that lived in the swimming hole. Sarah married Nathan, and they have a BEAUTIFUL little munchkin named Dorian. Nathan is on his way to basic training with the Navy in Rhode Island, so we got to capture a few moments in this amazing family's life on film for Sarah and Nathan to have and hold each other from opposite sides of the country. Enjoy.
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