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Drake Andrew

It was almost exactly 2 short years ago that I was kicking off 2011's Wedding Season by shooting Bruce & Erin's wedding. And it was almost exactly 2 short months ago that I was photographing this little bun in the oven for their pregnancy photos. Now the little guy is finally making his photo debut. Getting to capture this beautiful family's journey from engagement to wedding to pregnancy to welcoming this little munchkin has been such an incredible honor. It's the best part of my job -- the relationships I build with amazing couples, and how that relationship grows along with their family. Without further ado, meet Drake Andrew Samuel.
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The Samuel Family

Almost two years ago, I had the honor of photographing Bruce & Erin's wedding day. So you can imagine the happy dance my heart did when they told me the news that they were expecting a baby. Come March, Erin is going to be surrounded by 3 boys who love her more than a fat kid loves cake -- Bruce, Tanner, and baby boy Drake!!! I just adore this little family, and look forward to many photographic adventures with them over the coming years.

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The Hughes Family

See this little cutie pie? She's my niece. It's okay to be a little jealous. 3 weeks after my darling Ella Nadine was born, she got her first closeup with her auntie Sarah.

Words cannot express how much I adore this little family.

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Vera Capri

Meet my dear friend Kimberly. Last week, I got to meet her beautiful daughter for the first time ..... this is the outcome of my photographic encounter with Vera Capri .....
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The S Family

I don't photograph a lot of families. But when I do, they have to be AWESOME. Like this darling little family. Even though I don't normally blog family photo shoots, I just couldn't keep these little gems to myself. I hope these photos put a huge smile on your face, like they did mine. :)

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