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The B Family

I am truly blessed with a beautiful collection of friends, and each of them play such a unique and crucial part in my life.

This particular redheaded beauty is my Soul Sister. She wandered into my life about 5 years ago, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Over the past 5 years we have: lived in separate states, wanted to punch each other in the face, cried into the other's shoulder, laughed about the most ridiculous things, sang a few tunes, and drank a LOT of wine.
This coming Christmas, she will be giving birth to my 2nd godson. And I am beside myself.

{I could truly write a novel about how much this woman means to me, and how I could never (and WILL never) imagine my life without her... but I'll spare you the gushy details}

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The Kruse Family

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The Leader Family

Meet Josiah's brother's family: Shiloh, Heather, and their munchkins Elijah & Lilly.

In a battle of cuteness, my niece and nephew would conquer and destroy.
Case. and. Point.

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Ensign Family

I don't photograph a lot of families. Because I suck at "posing" and "stand over there and look at me"-ness. So instead of all that nonsense, I like to just hang out with a family and photograph what happens.

These hooligans make me want to photograph more families. Because they are that awesome.

Meet Dustin (the man. the myth. the legend. the video rockstar of The Celluloid Dream), his lovely wife Sarah, and their two little munchkins Cooper and Lucy. introducing the many faces of Cooper... the cutie:

the stoked:

the outlaw:

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Elliana Grace

It was just about 3 years ago that Emily & Levi got married. And almost just 6 months ago that this little munchkin was a wee bun in the oven. And now you're about to be hit by the ADORABLE-NESS train.
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