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Featured Shoot - Love & Lavender

Part 1 of the {Ever After} Series has been featured!!!!! And I'm freakin STOKED! {check out the full feature here} 
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{Ever After} Series : Beauty and the Beast

There is something about taking something from one's childhood (a fairy tale, for instance) and giving it breath. life. This series makes me feel so passionate. So alive. In fact, I am an artist of few words when it comes to expressing how I feel towards this project. So I'll just let the photos do the talking.

Part Two of the {Ever After} Series ~ Beauty and the Beast ~ Beauty & the Beast would never have come to life without these amazing creative professionals:

Hair & Makeup & Styling : {Ever After} Artistry Floral Design : FluidBloom Chair Rentals : Taylor Rentals Cake : The Cakery

And of course a huge thanks to our beautiful models, Wyatt & Kati :)

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{Ever After} Series : Snow White

I cannot even begin to express how excited I am to share this with the world. Some time ago, I had this idea of creating styled shoots inspired by all the fairy tales I grew up loving. And now, with the help of several amazing other wedding vendors, my vision has been given life. As an artist who makes a living from her art, I must constantly push myself to create art for mySELF. Not just for a paycheck. I am fueled by creative passion... and challenging myself creatively is that passion's breath and lifeblood. So. With that being said.... I invite you to take a peek into my newest challenge: Part One of the {Ever After}Series ~ Snow White ~
This would never have come into existence without all these amazing ladies: ~ Jamie & Stacy of Ever After Artistry ~ Corinne of Panacea Event Floral Design ~ Sadie of Clementine Cupcakes ~ Necia of Umbrella Tree Design And of course a HUGE thank you to my friends Micah & Jenay for being the most perfect-est Snow White & Prince Charming <3
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