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Lady L {Boudoir}

It's not often that I share one of my boudoir sessions here on my blog. Usually because the photos are a surprise for a soon-to-be-husband, and I can't post them until after their wedding day (and I typically just forget). However, I am incredibly passionate about boudoir photography. I find such joy in witnessing a woman reveal the most beautiful part of herself. And to be able to capture that part of her in a photograph, that she can then gift to her beloved........ WHAT IS BETTER THAN THAT!?! There is something so magical about being able to freeze a woman's youth and beauty in a form that she can keep and remember forever. So anyways... I do this. I love this. And I want to do MORE of it.
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I've had a number of brides inquire about boudoir photography in the past couple years, and this lovely lady was the first to actually do it! However, you can't see her face because it's a surprise for her beau :) 

For anyone who might be interested, boudoir photography (to me) is one of the classiest and heartfelt gifts to give to the man you plan to spend the rest of your life with. Photos like these are timeless, and are the purest form of class and femininity. These are the photos you can show your grandchildren when you're old and wrinkly, and they can say things like "Darn! Look how gorgeous grammy is!" 

Enjoy :)

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