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Lovely Lady L

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Lady T

You know when you meet someone, and they inspire you in a way you never knew was possible? That's this lady. Her darling and beautiful heart has taken quite a beating in the last few months. Yet somehow she is still standing upright staring the world dead in the face, with the love of her precious 2 year old son fueling her. She did this photo shoot for absolutely no one but herself. No expectations and no 6-inch stilettos, just a girl feeling comfortable and sexy in her own skin. Which is exactly what a boudoir shoot should be. She is one of strongest most resolute women I've ever had the honor of photographing. This is what she had to say afterwards: "The whole experience truly did what you and my best friend said it would do. I feel so empowered again, and feel great and beautiful being me. It wasn't something I realized was missing until I got it back." It's stories and muses like this lovely soul that remind me why I am so passionate about what I do. And I can't help but smile like an idiot.
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Boudoir Special

Wondering what to give the love of your life this Valentine's Day? (... or for no reason at all?!) Wonder no more!!! What better gift to give than your beauty and youth immortalized in a photograph? Going on now through February 14th, book your boudoir session with a significant discount ($200 to be exact). Email now for booking and availability :
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Lady M

a little something beautiful for your Sunday afternoon :)
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Lady L

I get really excited about sharing my boudoir work with the world. Because there are few things more beautiful than the human soul unbound. And with every boudoir session I do, I get to see that happen. A woman goes from terrified and nervous to totally free and taking ownership of her own beauty. And it's stunning.
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