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Soul Being : Hallie Elizabeth

Earlier this year, I began a new creative endeavor.
I wanted to spend time with and capture pieces of fellow artists.
I want to surround myself with people who inspire me, people who create their art in a different way than I do.

{Soul Being}
Part 2
Hallie Elizabeth //

When did you first start sketching?
"I've always been a sketcher and a painter. Anything I could get my hands on (including walls, tables, or my own body), I would draw on. My nickname as a child was 'paper trail', because I always left a mess of paper everywhere I went. It helped that my mama encouraged me every chance she got. I remember that she wallpapered one room of our tiny apartment with all my drawings."

What inspires you most?
"An inky blue night sky, scattered with millions of brilliant and milky stars. I find inspiration in the sea. I find inspiration in my femininity, my culture, and within the collection of all of my experiences and emotions, both joyful and heartbreaking."

What do you love most about what you do?
"That art is sincerely my therapy. It helps me process just about everything. Art frees me from anything that tries to hold me down. It just makes me happy."

How does what you do effect your day to day life?
"If I didn't work on art everyday, I would likely go crazy.
Every day, art opens my mind and my soul to millions of hidden facets in this world that I would probably never see or explore otherwise."

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I had the honor of photographing this stunning young lady to celebrate her upcoming senior (and final) year of high school.
The light was trying to keep up with her beauty.
It almost succeeded.

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