Brandon & Charity

You know how there are few things in this world better than seeing your friends HAPPY? You see this beautiful brunette? Her name is Charity. She has been one of my bestest friends since we were 4 years old. In our small group of friends, Charity was always the one with the biggest dreams of getting married and having a family. And she is finally getting her fairytale. I cannot begin to express how EXHILARATED I am to see this happen, to watch it happen in front of my very eyes. I have never seen more perfect proof that people are created for each other than in these two. Every cell, molecule, and personality trait of Brandon's was created to be paired with Charity's. He is TRULY the cheese to her macaroni.


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Oh. My. Goodness. These are BEAUTIFUL!!! You captured them perfectly. Just from my two minute meeting with Brandon, and now seeing these, I feel like I know them both. So gorgeous.


my face hurts from smiling. yes. this is good good good.