USB Memory Direct {Review}

Ever since I was a child, I've had a strange fascination with containers. I had a collection of tins and boxes of all shapes and sizes. I loved the concept of hiding away memories and items tied to those memories, each in their own special place.

When it comes to delivering the memories of someone's life - be it wedding memories, family memories, or just memories with the love of your life - I want every aspect of it to be beautiful. In a digital age, we are faced with the quandary of making digital files tangible in some way. I can't just send a digital link to download your digital files from a digital space you can't even see, can't even touch. I want to give you something that you can hold in your hands, perhaps display in your home; so that whenever you see it or touch it, you are instantly transported back to those happy moments.

All that being said, how beautiful are these goodies!?!
How can your heart not feel instantly warmed by the craftsmanship of the wood and the earthiness of it's grain?
I'm currently obsessing over my new flash drives from USB Memory Direct. I've seen quite a few flash drives in my 7 years in this industry, and I am blown away by the quality, weight, and value of this pretty little thing.

>> box by : H H Boogie <<
>> prints by : ProDPI <<

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Creatures : Faery

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night."
>> Edgar Allan Poe <<

I am a daydreamer and a night-thinker.
My imagination is wild and untamed.
Inside my head, exists a world quite unlike this one - full of mythological creatures, oddities, and weirdly beautiful sights.

Sometimes, I set my imagination loose on this world............

Creatures . Part One
>> Faery <<

{hair & makeup by: Rhyan Townsend | florals by: Lilies of the Field}

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Featured - The Knot

remember Carey & Gracie's stunning Colorado mountainside wedding!?!
well, it was PUBLISHED TODAY!!!!


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Brian & Miranda

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Cynthia & Oskar

prepare to have your heart melted.

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