Behind the Lens



My name is Sarah Kathleen.

I am a storyteller.
I am fueled by: hope. passion. & love.
I am inspired by: the dark side of life. the light that love brings.
& the way those two things collide.
I am driven to: capture the story as it unfolds...
... the beautiful parts & the messy parts.


I was...

  • born in Vista, CA
  • raised on the ridiculously beautiful Central Coast of California
  • homeschooled (don't judge)
  • in band once (and it was awesome)

I am...

  • in love with love
  • incredibly Irish
  • a wine snob
  • known to talk in strange accents on the regular
  • a yoga-holic
  • completely smitten with my husband

I also...

  • met the love of my life when I was 11 years old
  • married ^him^ when I was 19 years old
  • had a miracle baby with ^him^ (read her story here)
  • prefer to be barefoot
  • collect wonderful memories
  • always stop to take in the things that make my heart stand still
  • will never grow up

These are a few of my favorite things...